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Crystals are nature’s gifts of healing energy. They amplify energy and emit waves of vibration of healing, cleansing and balance. Crystals have been used for millennia as healing and shamanic tools to bring peace, harmony, happiness and intuition. There is nothing quite like the vibration of crystals, which is in between a stone and water. Human body is made up of water and since water is of crystalline nature, crystals soothe and heal us. Crystals help us heighten our gifts and intuitive awareness. They are living entities and as such they can change over time and store memory. This memory can then be retrieved when we learn how to work with and use crystals.

A Pure Energy Healing Crystal is a Crystal that has been worked with in an energetic way and through the Art of Pure Energy Healing for numerous hours and sometimes months. Each crystal in Mark Bajerski Store is hand picked and placed in a Pure Energy Healing room where it’s energized and activated by channeling the Pure Energy Healing. Depending on the healing energy that got channeled and worked through this Crystal, it will be the memory retrieved from that Crystal. You can read the description of each Crystal in Mark Bajerski Store. Browse through our Collections and let the Crystal choose you. It will be the perfect Crystal for you and your path.

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Gift yourself a Pure Energy Healing Moldavite and discover why it’s one of the most favoured Crystals in Spiritual Awakening.


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Mark is my spiritual adviser and great friend, he has given me vivid insights that have come true over and over again. Through his abilities and unconditional love he has made me a believer in the psychic experience. Love Love Love him! AMAZING!!!

Adam Saaks
Fashion Designer

My sincere thanks for your beautiful crystal. It is a stunning piece and the whole process of unwrapping the crystal and reading your chosen cards was very emotional. As I picked it up out of the box I just felt tears flow and once in my hand .... felt right to me, it was always my crystal… thank you so much..

Amanda P.W.

This morning I received the delivery, the crystal that I ordered. Very beautiful packaging, very beautiful message cards, all beautiful. You are beautiful people, and I want to Thank You, and let you know that you made someone very happy.

Mihai V.

There is an almost desperate need for positivity in the world and Mark gives clarity to anyone who is seeking both strength and courage, allowing you to get in touch with your own positivity. This man works magic.

Sarah Tucker




Mark Bajerski is an international speaker, author, spiritual teacher and the founder of the Pure Energy Healing Academy. Affectionately known as “The Healer of Hearts”, Mark has practiced and developed a unique Pure Energy Healing method helping tens of thousands of people to heal themselves and overcome various life challenges.

Mark Bajerski has worked as an acclaimed intuitive and empathic healer for various clients including professional athletes, students, royalty, artists, celebrities, corporations, health organizations and various leaders in over 30 countries. He guides clients to transform their trapped lower energy levels to work towards achieving a higher healing vibration.


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