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    Mark Bajerski Pure Energy Healer Spain

    Depression Or Something Else?

    Depression Or Something Else?

    Many years ago I found myself in a hole, a situation that I couldn’t seem to understand why I was so sad. I found myself trying desperately to look at my life and, the more I looked, the deeper the pain. I asked myself why I was feeling lifeless and hardly ever had energy? I began to find reason in what was called the ‘ticking of boxes’.

    This was even more painful as I began to believe that I was depressed and that I was having a breakdown. Then one day it suddenly hit me like a sledge hammer. Dare I actually look into my mirror and feel these new thoughts? Could this be really true? I began to slowly see the truth and one day I took a leap of faith and did what I now knew needed to be done. I had to let go of certain souls in my life that enjoyed the pleasure of me living their lives. I did not place any blame, neither did I get angry.

    I simply accepted on that day that this was my lesson to tell myself that my life had worth. That lesson was to never again help others to the point of going past the invisible line of living there lives. Today I now recognize this and help even more people, but with one difference.

    I never allow my life to suffer in doing so and if I do by any chance slip over that invisible line, I quickly slap myself, wake up and say! How can you possibly help others fully if you do not put yourself at the very most important place in helping?

    Dear friends never mistake or rush into believing depression or deep sadness as absolute depression. It just may be because it’s time to let go of certain souls and situations and to live your life and begin a new path of joy and happiness.

    Mark Bajerski
    Healer of Hearts.


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