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    You are Light and Healing | Mark Bajerski | Pure Energy Healing Academy

    You are Light and Healing

    You are Light and Healing

    If you hold your hand out for help and no one holds it back, it is not because Spirit doesn’t love you. It’s because Spirit knows you can do this yourself. Never forget that the hardest challenges are only given to the strongest of souls.

    You are amazing my beautiful friend and one day you will look back and smile, knowing that what you once experienced will help someone who holds their hand out to you. Truth can only ever be felt by those that have experienced, that have felt and grown stronger than the challenges they conquer, and never simply observed from other people’s experiences.

    You are the light and healing of your experiences and you are that very book you share to help others who step into your life.

    So, today, look up and know that you are absolutely beautiful, powerful and amazing inside and out, You my friend can conquer anything and you will.

    Mark Bajerski
    Healer of hearts

    When Someone Rocks Your Boat | Pure Energy Healing Academy

    When Someone Rocks Your Boat

    When someone rocks your boat…

    When someone rocks your boat, be still. When things throw you sideways, be still.
    When life looks like it’s going nowhere, be still. When others seem so very different to you, be still. When people’s actions bring sadness into your happy life, be still. When all may seem lost, be still. When life makes no sense, be still. When all around you seems like just an illusion, be still.

    When inner pain seems unbearable, be still. When you’ve given up on others, be still. When you’ve given up on yourself, be still and when you’ve given up on everything, be still…..

    For as night follows day, the passing of moment to moment brings in new souls, new learnings and new understandings. Sometimes – just sometimes – it’s as simple as just not reacting, and merely accepting any given test or challenge that heals these moments. Sometimes – just sometimes – the answers lie in our stillness.

    In the end, everything passes us by and looking back, it will surely always be your strength in NOT reacting that shows you your measuring stick to pass any of your given tests – as well as revealing your own inner strength.
    So today, begin a new journey – one that allows healing into your life, less stress and more understanding.

    From today, say no to knee-jerking in response to any issues; if anything stops you from moving forward, simply look up and say ‘Thank you.’ In the end you will come to see that everything and everyone that touches your life – and everything and everyone that leaves your life – was exactly as it was supposed to be.

    Trust that no matter what happens, and no matter how hard it may seem, there is always always a bigger picture that sometimes can only be understood when we move into our Spirit World. Until that moment arrives, let us all just trust that whatever happens from today is never anything personal or karmic – or bad luck. Remember, dear friends, the bigger the challenges the stronger we truly are.

    Now be still, dear friends, because you are amazing and amazing people have no need to fear or be angry. You know that it’s just a waste of energy and in the end, your peace and happiness are far more important in your life.

    Be happy today and let no-one become so important that they ever take away the happiness you spread to others each and every day. Your smile heals this world.

    Miracles happen; I see them every day.

    Mark Bajerski
    Healer of Hearts

    Feel Proud and Smile

    Feel Proud and Smile

    Throughout our lives there are times when we feel so helpless, and times when we are disappointed with how we feel or how we react to many of our situations. Well, my beautiful friends, let me put you right. You should be so proud of yourself!

    Why? Because you are the lucky ones – you recognise what your heart wants you to change in order to be a better soul. Yes, it’s true – it takes many, many lifetimes to recognise our tests and so many people never, ever get the opportunity in their busy lives to see what they need to change.

    So yes – you are the lucky ones because now, today, is your chance to work towards being more understanding; more kind and caring.

    It is your time to find a way to your own inner peace and to trust that all you’re going through at this moment is here for you to experience, feel and learn from; be your own light. Be strong yet gentle to yourself in the knowing that in the end, you will overcome these challenges to become an even more amazing soul than you are now.

    Now, shake yourselves off and look up; say thank you for all this knowing and all that’s about to change in your lives.

    You can and will do this. We all can – and we all will.

    Now, do me a big favour – show me that smile of yours.

    Mark Bajerski
    Healer of Hearts

    Your Loved Ones in Spirit by Your Side

    Your Loved Ones in Spirit by Your Side

    Your Loved Ones in Spirit by Your Side

    My dear and beautiful friends, there is so much more to life than the facts that our limited minds try to convince are true – you see, we never, ever, truly die. There is absolutely no such thing as death – we simply move into the light. We just go home – back to where we came from – where lives the energy of love, peace and happiness beyond our minds’ understanding.

    If you still yourself and quieten your mind, every now and again you can catch a glimpse into that very place that is your one true home.

    Your Spirit world works parallel with this, your world – and yes, your loved ones work daily to help you understand these things:

    You never say goodbye

    You are never alone

    You are held and guided daily

    You are watched and protected daily, as far as your Spiritual journey allows

    Never forget that all the painful emotions you feel when saying goodbye are what stop you from being aware of your loved ones in Spirit next to you.

    Today, begin a new day. Tell your mind to be still. Tell it that you have decided to try something new – you will simply believe that your loved ones in Spirit are right by your side.

    Once you make this commitment you will heal and strengthen your connection to our Spirit world, and from that moment on, your happiness and healing truly begin.

    My dear friend, there is no such thing as coincidence. Spirit knows exactly where to gently lead your heart and eyes– it’s so beautiful to know that Spirit has brought you right here to read your message now, today.

    Mark Bajerski
    Healer of hearts

    Gift Healing Forward

    The Gift It Forward donation is as a way for those who have received freely through Mark and his work, to now be the one to gift something forward, thereby doing a good deed for someone else in need. All contributions received will go forward to provide healing for pure souls in need of a helping hand, many who are at their lowest and most challenging moments. If you have been there, then you will understand how amazing and beautiful it is to receive pure light and love from another in those darkest of times.

    The Gift it Forward facility, is an opportunity to make a positive difference, to ‘gift forward’ the love and healing that you have been gifted, when it was needed the most.

    Please be assured that all contributions are gifted forward to help beautiful souls in need of healing; human and our animal kingdom, as the Pure Energy Healing Centre acknowledges all Mother Natures souls as being equal.


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