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    Mark Bajerski Pure Energy Healer Spain

    Why am I here?

    Why am I here?

    After many years of chasing my tail, I had what could only be called a divine moment, when I saw all that I had become. I looked at every aspect of my life – for the first time, I took a proper look at myself in my personal mirror.
    It was truly painful.

    I had stopped and found I had this time to see who I was, and that shock of self-realisation was to change my life’s work forever. In that moment, I felt all my mistakes and saw all my weaknesses. I cried so, so much, but in those tears I heard something so beautiful that it turned my world around.

    I heard this. “My dear, beautiful child, you are so blessed to be feeling all these pains. How could we ever help you if you had simply turned away from facing the challenges and tests you chose to conquer before you came into this world? You, my dear soul, have begun your spiritual journey and we are joyful for you.

    Can you imagine the suffering many souls will bear because they never recognise anything, and simply continue on until they move to the light? Then they say: ‘Oh … I never stopped to look at me, or see what my actions caused to others,’ and back they come. So, smile today for you have come to your knowing and you truly have the lion in you now. This is your divine moment.”

    Suddenly, my heart grew stronger and stronger. I smiled at this amazing message of deep understanding and lifted myself up. Had I truly come to a new path – perhaps one which might be so scary? Could I do this? I wondered for a moment and then made a commitment: I would give it a go. Wiping the tears from my eyes, I agreed at that moment never to turn away from my truth. I would see my actions and if I ever caused pain to others, I would recognise and learn from those moments. I would try to see, feel and heal all my weaknesses in order to become the person who can look into his mirror and, with his hand on his heart, say: ‘I truly did my best.’

    Today I stand before you, a soul like any other, who loves and cares with all his heart and who makes mistakes every day – but … I have a new energy. I don’t take my mistakes personally any more – they are simply my challenges and tests.

    They help me towards achieving a deeper and more spiritual understanding so I can help this world heal and become what we always were: oneness and love.

    Mark Bajerski
    Healer of hearts.

    Your path to happiness | Mark Bajerski | Pure Energy Healing Academy

    Your path to happiness

    Your path to happiness

    Your path to happiness is fraught with some of the greatest challenges in your life – the obstacles our minds place in the way; the time we waste on other people’s weaknesses; the efforts we make to try and please everyone.

    Today, wake up to your realisation that from this moment onwards, you will only focus on living in the moment, letting go of all that holds you back.

    Surround yourself only with people who truly love you for who you are, so you can love them back with all your heart for who they are. Say goodbye (with love) to the people that you know deep in your heart will never truly understand you.

    Dear, beautiful, sensitive friends, today is your day. You have come to the end of a cycle, and this was simply a test to show you that today, you are stronger than other people’s weaknesses. You will accept these people with a smile on your face for who they are, but you will no longer be their emotional punch bag. Your life is worth so, so much more – and it starts right now.

    Today is the first day of the rest of your life and no–one – and I mean no-one! – will ever again hold you back from everything that’s heading your way. Now, can you feel it? Yes, that’s right – what you’re experiencing is a feeling of hope and inner peace.

    Let go of pain, fear, anger and sadness – but with love and not resentement – and your world will become a paradise of miracles and happiness.

    Remember you are so loved by your family in Spirit. Don’t think for a moment that it’s a coincidence you’re reading this now – Spirit placed your beautiful kind heart and eyes on these healing words right in this, your moment, just for you.

    You are beautiful. You are unique. You are so strong and you will be healed today. You will walk a new path towards love, so now smile and simply trust that all is as it should be, and where you are heading is exactly where Spirit is gently leading you.

    Mark Bajerski
    Healer of Hearts

    Can't please everyone! | Mark Bajerski | Pure Energy Healing Academy

    Can’t please everyone!

    Can’t please everyone!

    Are you here to please everyone else, and is your belief in yourself less important than what others may think of you?
    This is a question often suffered by many sensitive hearts.

    In truth, the mind plays a huge part in this suffering. For example, take your all-time favourite guru, or the most amazing singer you have admired for years … simply click on their statements or songs on YouTube and scroll down through the comments. I did this once and said to myself, ‘If my favourite guru can’t please everyone, what am I worrying about?’

    My dear friends, you’re not here to please everyone. You’re here to be the most truthful soul to yourself, and if others don’t understand you and your actions, it’s never personal. It simply shows their weaknesses at that very moment and if you were to truly ask them if it was you who caused them to react this way, if they were completely honest with you, their answer would be this: ‘I am so, so sorry. I am going through a difficult moment and you were just there at that unfortunate moment when I needed to let go of my inner frustrations ….’

    So there it is, everyone. It’s never personal – unless of course you hit someone over the head with a bar of chocolate! – but you know yourself your heart is pure and your intentions are true, so never, ever stop being you and shine your amazing light for the people who feel you and who love you.

    Let’s all send them a beautiful healing prayer today so they become happy again.

    Mark Bajerski
    Healer of hearts.

    When faced with anger | Mark Bajerski | Pure Energy Healing Academy

    When faced with anger

    When faced with anger

    When you find you are faced with anger, please don’t also get angry with any issues or any person. Why? Because it then brings you down and makes you feel bad; that same energy then leaves you and can attach to others whom you love … and guess what happens to them that day …?

    If things make you sad, mad or angry, STOP! In that moment you – and only you – can choose whether that issue is going to spoil the rest of your day and very possibly that of anyone around you too. Today, choose to only react to the love in your life. React to the smiles and laughs; react to all the positive energy that keeps hope alive. Retire from negative issues and learn to focus on what makes you happy.

    By doing this I promise you that your life will be filled with happiness in just a positive leap of faith. Now go give everyone a cuddle!

    Mark Bajerski
    Healer of hearts


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