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    Thoughts on Karma | Mark Bajerski | Pure Energy Healing Academy

    Thoughts on Karma

    Thoughts on Karma

    How people treat you is their Karma, but how you react back is yours. Life will always test us – some days are good, some days so challenging that we look up shouting ‘Why! Why! Why!’

    If you truly look deep within other people’s actions that cause a negative impact on you, you will clearly see that it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with you. Once you truly grasp this, you can simply move on without wasting a moment looking and searching deeply for the answers. Don’t you think it’s about time that other people’s weaknesses should have absolutely no effect on your beautiful life? You, my dear friend, shouldn’t waste one more moment on other people who try to throw their stuff at you. Please do yourself and your heart a huge favour today – and forever more – and let them go…

    Today, surround yourself with beautiful people who love you for exactly who you are, so you can love them back for exactly who they are. I truly hope you understand this message as it can only have a positive impact on your life and health if you allow it to. You deserve a happy life from this moment onwards. You are so beautiful.

    The biggest issue for me with regard to opinions is that once we are convinced we know something, we fight, we attack, we blame, we mock, we belittle …. but WHY? Because we fear being wrong. That, my dear friends, is what you call slowing down progress for the good of man/woman/animal kind. We should first start by looking into each other’s hearts and saying, “Whatever topic we talk about, we will place the love for each other above everything we believe to be true.” Now that would be refreshing and an amazing place to start. Even better, it would clear the dark energies that try to divide us.

    There is no wrong or right… it’s all a learning path for each of us, to make a difference for our family under one sun. We are brothers and sisters of this world.

    Mark Bajerski
    Healer of Hearts

    Path To Happiness - Mark Bajerski - Pure Energy Healing Academy

    Don’t ever give up!

    Don’t ever give up!

    Don’t ever give up – even if things always seem to fall apart around you. In fact they aren’t, and you’re just exactly where you’re supposed to be. What you’re going through is exactly what you’re meant to be feeling. You see, if you hadn’t started where you did back then, and gone on from there to where it took you, and then where that took you, and then where it took you again – right up to where you are right now, today you wouldn’t be heading towards the exact perfect place you are about to go to. It’s all as it should be and you, my amazing friends, are stronger than you could ever imagine – all because of what you have been through.

    I promise you this! In the end, you will look back, write or teach your journey to others, which in turn will help them as I am writing my truth to help you this morning.

    What I have been through has made me the soul I am today. I love life and I work to conquer all my challenges and reach the top of my own mountain here. So take my hand and let’s do this all together. Spirit loves you and always, always helps you in so many ways. That’s why you’re reading this – you don’t think it’s a coincidence, do you?

    Mark Bajerski
    Healer of Hearts

    Get Ready For Your Miracles | Pure Energy Healing Academy

    Gifting Love and Kindness

    Gifting Love and Kindness

    Today I have decided never again to get involved in this Media Circus, the fear that is deliberately Spread which I can now see is so infectious and heartbreakingly addictive to the point I just want to say ” friends please stop and don’t be pulled into this fear darkness ” !

    Today I vow to raise above all this negativity on Social Media, and I will not allow these fear posts and the what if’s and fear articles about what could happen take over me. The Real truth is that billions of beautiful Caring, Loving and Amazing Souls that are on this planet today, we so easily brush them aside as if they don’t exist and are not counted for anything. We are beautiful Souls who care for one another, who love and spread love daily.

    I will not let this darkness and fear forcing energy to take over my happy day and world. I will stand high for my beautiful and amazing brother’s and sister’s, I will not allow the media poison to Spread, I want you to remember that 99.9 percent of humans are amazing people, people who would give there last penny to help others, people who hold there hand out when they see others fall, people who work day and night to help make a difference in this world for there children, who feed and protect there children at the same time giving to charities around the world to help people who need help, who create miracles each day, who do the most amazing acts of love because they, like YOU, have beautiful hearts, I see mothers and fathers getting up and making a difference all around the world each and every day.

    Today stop believing instantly and start to Question what your being told, our Media deliberately trys to separate you from me.

    My beautiful friends, we are all in this world together, we are all brothers and sisters, I see only love in you, Yes their maybe a handful of dark hearted souls trying everything they can to have you believe that you need and should always live in fear, but you know deep inside if you ask yourself…., it’s all a lie, because they know fear SELLS easier than kindness at this moment.

    The only way you can stop this infectious Poison is by Standing up and saying SHUT UP AND NO MORE LIES !!
    We are not sheep, we can and do see and feel the truth each and everyday with our own hearts, in what we do and what we see in our surroundings, we live our daily lives in truth, and not this fear based propaganda which is daily forced fed down our throats on Mainstream Media – TV – News Papers and Blogs.

    So today, I ask you to Join Me and lets counter act this fear by Spreading Love and helping others through kind and Caring Acts.

    Someone has to break this pattern and today WE are going to make a Stance for the greatest energy this world needs to feel, and that is love filled with kindness.

    ” Gifting Love and kindness is the only way to live ”

    Help us Spread this message by Gifting Love to counter act the fear being Spread by doing one act of kindness for someone today……

    ” Love and happiness is the only way to live and heal our world ”

    Mark Bajerski
    Healer of Hearts.

    When faced with anger | Mark Bajerski | Pure Energy Healing Academy

    It’s All as it Should Be

    It’s All as it Should Be

    I believe that each of us has a divine destiny which is connected to every soul whose path we cross. It’s never anything personal if we feel the energy of feeling let down, or a deep pain from each soul we touch hearts with, for we are all here to learn how to experience these feelings and accept this hurt, loss or pain they may bring. We must simply let it go with love – and never hold onto the anger.

    We must accept everything, as we must also recognise that our destiny is to give some souls we meet the same tests and challenges, even though we may never have intended to do so.

    This, dear friends, is what I call LIFE. I know that all your tests and challenges are to strengthen your amazing soul in order to bring inner happiness and divine inner understanding for who you truly are; how else are you ever to truly know yourself if you never get to experience many challenges? Never hold onto any issues in which your mind tries to imprison you; simply always see life as though each test was given to you BY you before you came into this world to conquer it. I know you can – and will – always conquer everything because we never give ourselves anything in this lifetime that we cannot overcome.

    Remember, dear beautiful friends: life is a constant flow of old and new, love, pain, happiness, peace and on and on it goes….. life is beautiful because you can overcome anything, as you always have with each breath and step you take.

    You are amazing. Don’t ever forget that you are protected and loved so much in our world and even more so our Spirit world. Now close your eyes for just a moment and feel all that love flowing inside you; simply say thank you for what’s about to happen.

    Mark Bajerski
    Healer of hearts.

    Remembering Loved Ones | Mark Bajerski | Pure Energy Healing Academy

    Remembering Loved Ones

    Remembering Loved Ones

    My heart goes out to each and every soul today who may be at the point of asking the question: ‘Why?’
    Many years ago I, too, asked that very question, to which I heard absolutely no reply. My dear friends, life can be so hard and seem so painful at times. We can feel so angry with life and often lose our faith – how can there be a God?

    How could someone so powerful take away someone we love, never to be seen again, and yet allow so many dark souls to still walk this earth? Shouldn’t they be the ones who are taken, and not our beautiful family and friends?
    All I know, through my own experiences of losing my mother and some of my beautiful friends, is that there is no such thing as death – in fact, when we say goodbye to them, our loved ones smile and say: ‘I am home.’

    I have come to understand that it is we who are lost; we are all trying so hard to figure out why and who we are.
    When we return home, such a weight of emotional burden is released from our Spirit. We smile. Then – and only then – does the whole bigger picture make sense. Dear, beautiful friends, never fear the crossing over from this world to our home in the Spirit world. Those there are the blessed ones; they are the stronger ones. They are at complete peace and also, from that moment on, they are always by our sides protecting us and watching over us.

    Take heart today and know this: once you begin to heal from the loss of your loved ones, your family – including your beautiful pets – will also begin to heal, for your sadness and inner pain are the only things that will prevent them passing through the thin veil between our two worlds.

    So if you ever want to know how your loved ones in Spirit are feeling, take my mirror and see for yourself. Look deep and ask yourself how YOU feel.

    The happiness you feel in remembering beautiful times you once shared – rather than what you have lost – is the measure of how your loved ones are feeling at that very moment. Whether you are smiling or crying, they smile or cry with you.

    Remember: it’s not you or I who is still home – it’s our loved ones in Spirit who are home.
    Now smile today. Remember all the beautiful moments you shared together and feel their love come close.

    Mark Bajerski
    Healer of hearts


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