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    Get Ready For Your Miracles | Pure Energy Healing Academy

    Get Ready For Your Miracles

    We rise each day and fall asleep each night. What do we do in between?

    The paths we choose are without limit, but there are those who dare to be different, dare to take leaps of faith, dare to believe. They are the ones who realise that there is more to life than eating, drinking, sleeping and working.

    I have come to understand that our limits are often formed from the way we have been brought up and how we have allowed others to mould our faith.

    So how to get ready for your miracles? Today, look back without anger or fear about what others may have done. Look up with a smile and say: ‘Okay, I am going to prove to myself that from today, my life will no longer be filled with worries, fears and other people’s weaknesses.

    I am going to see life as a miracle each day and know that this, my own life, has no boundaries and is without limits for all the happiness that’s already on its way. I choose to open up and allow a new flow to enter my life.’

    Remember, beautiful friends, if you’re reading this, then your beautiful family and friends in our Spirit world have brought you here to know that today is the first day of the rest of your life. In fact, you haven’t even begun.

    Get ready for your miracles.

    Mark Bajerski
    Healer of Hearts

    Today's whisper from Spirit | Mark Bajerski | Pure Energy Healing Academy

    Today’s whisper from Spirit…

    Today’s whisper from Spirit…

    I know a few of you at this moment are going through some real challenges, but please … just listen. You are beautiful; your heart is so pure and kind; you’re a truly beautiful and unique, sensitive soul. Spirit has asked me to whisper this message today, so never ever doubt yourself, dry your eyes and remember, your loved ones are watching over you and are holding your hand.

    They are leading you towards a happiness that you have never felt before, so this is your moment to believe in yourself. Once you begin to do this, your light and love will help so many other people who walk into your life, as well as all your family who worry about you daily. They will all smile with joy and heal too.
    Never doubt how much you’re loved and needed, beautiful angel.

    Mark Bajerski
    Healer of hearts


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