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    Mark Bajerski on the Richie Allen Radio Show

    Mark Bajerski on the Richie Allen Radio Show

    (UPDATE: 21 Sept 2016 – Listen to the recording from Last Nights Show CLICK HERE

    Mark Bajerski on the Richie Allen Radio Show. International Psychic / Healer and founder of the ever growing and powerful healing technique “Pure Energy Healing ” worldwide Mark Bajerski will be a guest on the number one independent radio show in Europe, the Richie Allen radio show Tuesday 20th September at 9pm till 10pm.

    Its always a deep and spiritual conversation touching many taboo subjects, however, it is always fascinating to listen to the hundreds of psychic experiences Mark has lived through, be sure to set your alarms and get the kettle on, sit back and enjoy one full hour of mystical and magical true stories that may just answer some of your deeper questions and experiences you have had in your life time.


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