Mark is my spiritual adviser and great friend, he has given me vivid insights that have come true over and over again. Through his abilities and unconditional love he has made me a believer in the psychic experience. Love Love Love him! AMAZING!!!

Adam Saaks
Fashion Designer

Mark instantly connected with me and my life, for the first 5-10 minutes of the reading – there were tears in my eyes. I could not stop and I did not want to stop. I hardly spoke at all through the reading. Mark just reached to the level to be able to communicate things to me that totally amazed me and were 100% genuine.

How? I asked myself. I did not think too much about the ‘how’. I was most comfortable with knowing that it felt genuine and real and just left me feeling so much at ease and comfortable and happy and excited.To have come away from the initial reading with all the positivity that I did – well – let me tell you – the healing session took it to another dimension. After struggling to sit myself up from the healing bed post the therapy (my entire being was overcome with such a wave of weight) – it took me several attempts to sit upright.

When I eventually did get on my feet – I left Mark’s beautiful studio in Mijas and I felt like I was floating on a cloud. I met Mark for the third time that week for coffee in Mijas Pueblo – in the square. Again – such wonderful conversation. So easy to chat through a multitude of things in such a short space of time and it felt like we chatted for hours. Mark is – in one word – UNIQUE!

He is a gentleman, a family man, a true one-off! I for one am lucky to have met Mark and very proud to call him my friend. I know that Mark will be in my life for a long time to come and that in itself – makes me smile ALOT! Love and Light.

Andy McGrath
EA to Director of Television, ITV, London.

There is an almost desperate need for positivity in the world and Mark gives clarity to anyone who is seeking both strength and courage, allowing you to get in touch with your own positivity. This man works magic.

Sarah Tucker

“You are the best!”

Kerry Katona
Kerry Katona, British Singer and Media Personality.

I spent the last 18 months looking for the edge to this guy. Nobody can be this nice I thought, there’s an angle…There isn’t. He’s real. The guy is a legend, thoroughly decent, compassionate and infinitely selfless. Pay him a visit and thank him for supporting the indy media.

Richie Allen
Presenter, The Richie Allen Show

I’m not unfamiliar with the studies and workings of the psychic world and the many people who work in this field of understanding, so I am not easily impressed with psychics! Until i had a reading by Mark Bajerski, who read for me. Everything that Mark read out to me was exactly that which was in fact happening to me and around me during this period. He did this without trying to prompt any information whatsoever from me.

I have seen some of the best known psychics in the world at work and I can say without any hesitation, that for me, Mark equaled their charisma and following a short healing session, a few days later, I experienced a lightness in my body, extra energy and a general calmness in myself which had been missing for some years

Dario Poli
Dario Poli International Composer, artist, and published author

My two hour session with Mark left me with a deep feeling of clarity and peace. He genuinely picked up on peope and past events in my life as well as guiding me with current issues. He didn’t impose his own personality, instead he focused on trying to connect with my energy, with impressive results. I will return in the future.

Mark Curry
Mark Curry, Television Presenter

My name is Simona Levin Williams and I am an actress in America. I just starred in “Solitary Man” with Michael Douglas and 2 months ago I worked with Nicolas Cage in the movie “Drive Angry”, due out in 3rd February of 2011.

What I really want to talk about is my amazing experience with Mark Bajerski!!!!

I went to see Mark a while ago because I had heard about his extraordinary spiritual gifts. I had very specific questions about my career and couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say. I basically started off by not telling Mark anything to see what he would get. The things Mark told me were absolutely amazing and straight to the point!!

The film “Conan”, which I was supposed to work on for the past year, was not the project I would be working on, according to Mark. As you can imagine, that was very disappointing for me to hear and at the same time hard to believe. This part in “Conan” was mine and we were supposed to shoot within the next couple of months.

Mark told me “there was an exchange of parts” and there was another part I was supposed to get in an even bigger movie, with a more powerful director. I had no idea what he was talking about, but I was soon to find out! As soon as I got back to Los Angeles, my manager told me about a project with Nicolas Cage, and that she was working hard to “get me in”. And guess what…..

The 2 movies, “Conan” and “Drive Angry”, were shooting exactly at the same time, but in two different countries. I got the part with Nicolas Cage….a much bigger movie, with a much more powerful director.
This literally was “an exchange of parts!”
This is just one of many extraordinary experiences I have had with Mark. There is a lot more to come!

Simona Levin Williams
Hollywood Film Actress

My name is Christian and I am a retired senior civil servant from Germany. My career in the diplomatic community and within international aid and development took me across the world, including Latin America where I was a regular contact with senior figures and presidents.

My wife and I had never visited a psychic medium. My professional career and our happy retirement in southern Spain meant it was never considered. Yet recent circumstances were to introduce myself and my wife to Mark Bajerski, and this was to change our views on Psychic phenomena forever.

I and my wife have birthdays in July and a friend had bought us both a consultation with Mark Bajerski as a gift. “ not wishing to be rude, and ignore the gift, my wife and I went to see Mark last year” When I met Mark, we started a friendly relaxed conversation and before long he was telling me intimate details about my life, my career, and my family relationships – information that no one else could have known.

This sitting revealed insight into our lives that was extraordinary and Mark went on to offer constructive advice about forth coming issues and events.

I didn’t feel I needed to see a psychic and if I hadn’t received the gift I would never have gone; but the meeting made me feel very positive and grateful for my life. I think seeing Mark helped erode anxiety in my life and with greater confidence I can enjoy life more; afterwards its like you’ve driving through life in an open top car on a sunny, summers day.

Christian Gardner
Former UN Ambassador Southern Spain


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