About Mark

Mark Bajerski is an international speaker, author, spiritual teacher and the founder of the Pure Energy Healing Academy. Affectionately known as “The Healer of Hearts”, Mark has practiced and developed a unique Pure Energy Healing method helping tens of thousands of people to heal themselves and overcome various life challenges.

Mark Bajerski has worked as an acclaimed intuitive and empathic healer for various clients including professional athletes, students, royalty, artists, celebrities, corporations, health organizations and various leaders in over 30 countries. He guides clients to transform their trapped lower energy levels to work towards achieving a higher healing vibration.

Mark teaches how to heal hurt emotions and encourages everyone to practice self-healing and inner peace. He coaches people to self-empowerment and shows ways to grow stronger in one’s heart. “The heart that gives is always full.” This is one of Mark Bajerski’s principal philosophies and one which he practices in his everyday life. Mark’s life passion is to empower, uplift and help people to strengthen their spirit.

After years of practicing one-on-one healings, intuitive readings and being voted Spain’s number 1 Psychic in 2012/13 Mark wanted to impact more lives. He founded the Pure Energy Healing Academy and became a master teacher of the Pure Energy Healing method. His uplifting and informative videos have reached millions of people through his YouTube Channel. Mark’s holistic approach as a guide and teacher helps people shift from a place of fear, pain, stress, confusion and move towards living a life with trust, happiness, clarity, and peace.

Mark Bajerski and the Pure Energy Healing Academy offer Pure Energy Healing Courses at the Academy and Online; Workshops; Events; Retreats and Membership for self-healing and empowerment and more in-depth spiritual learning.

NewSuccess.Co alongside with Mark Bajerski offers custom Corporate Consultations and Workshops to coach alignment and path of ultimate balance and peace for the people and their enterprise. These exclusive transformational programs have helped organizations and their leaders fulfill their vision, reach and exceed their business goals. Working with established organizations; startups; new projects or select private clients;

NewSuccess.Co collaborates solely with those who are interested in the new way of doing business which honors the planet and humanity.


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