I Was In A Dark Place

I Was In A Dark Place Last night, when I was in a dark place, looking for help and healing, an angel suddenly came and put her arms around me. She whispered, “Mark, now is the time to be strong. You feel this pain which strengthens your belief in the truth, and this truth is […]

My Special Place

My Special Place I woke up this morning and went to my special place, where I meditate and send healing to the people who touch my life. I began to recall my past and the memories of a caring, sharing, loving and deeply sensitive sister and as a smile crossed my face, I began to […]

What Is Happening With Our World?

“What is happening with our world?” I was asked this question today by someone after their spiritual reading and healing. I looked into her eyes and said, “Do you really want to know the truth? “I believe mankind is being led like sheep. We have got so many things so wrong – yet we dare […]

Two Types of Teachers

Two Types of Teachers On this, our journey, I have come to know two types of teachers. In the first group are the ones who always have a vested interest in your success – but resent it when you become too successful! They always want recognition for making you the success that you are, and […]


Monopoly To me, life is like the board game Monopoly. We start off all excited with friends and family around us, but many soon find themselves watching to see how everyone else is doing. Some fall on hard times, then good times; some win a little and then lose, falling out with family and friends, […]


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