Inspirational talks to groups and organisations that transform how we see life, challenges and the future in a new and positive way.


Life has so much more to offer than just working, eating and sleeping and yet we so often find ourselves weighed down and unsure how to breakthrough into living the life of our inner most dreams and desires.

A life where we can find happiness in our day to day living; where we enjoy the journey that we are on, embracing each experience and how it teaches us to grow and expand into the greatness of who we truly are.

It may appear impossible to transform our way of thinking and attitude to the difficulties that arise in our life and day to day living.

How to manage the challenges?

How to find strength and motivation to pursue our dreams?

How to stand strong in our values and beliefs through difficult times?

For over 12 years, Mark Bajerski has spoken with groups of people, of all ages and from all walks of life, about the ‘Bigger Picture’. Through his deeply intuitive, practical and inspirational talks, Mark helps each one present to understand the truth of who we really are.

Mark gives a deeper understanding about how our fears, blocks from past traumas and many external influences can hold us back. He overturns the ideas that we have about ‘bad luck’, depression and feeling stuck in our lives to show how we truly can bring about positive changes in the here and now; how to be in acceptance of your life in order to move forward joyfully and from a place of deep inner power.

In all walks of life, we are set with challenges and tests. There are times that we all react, knee-jerk, feel pain, suffering or deep depression along this journey. Through an impactful and (very often) humorous delivery, Mark highlights how everything is connected and that all the pain, tests and challenges we go through are simply a way to show us how strong and capable that we truly are.

Mark Barjerski will spend a day with your group in the pursuit of awakening each one present to this ‘bigger picture’.

In an incredible moment of awakening, you will start to walk a new path with a deeper understanding of life and why all our of challenges and tests are some of the most beautiful moments of our lives.

The Bigger Picture prepares you for a new life and for a new and happier YOU!

Whether working individually or in group Mark works as a catalyst, having a innate ability to get to the core of things, helping people get to the heart of what matters to them. The principles of Mark’s teaching are simple and the results extremely powerful! That’s what makes Mark so incredibly talented and at the same time so profoundly human.

Ann Flynn, The Power HouseCertified Master in Gestalt Counselling & Development Counsellor)

Mark has a way of talking to teens which immediately puts them at ease.  Even weeks or months after meeting Mark, they were still filled with a sense of positivity and meaning in their lives. I have seen how he has changed the lives of struggling teenagers and thank him from the bottom of my heart for his tireless energy and inspiration.

Valerie JeffreyDirector of Centro de Idiomas Language School, Coin, Spain.

The meeting made me feel very positive and grateful for my life. I think seeing Mark helped erode anxiety in my life and with greater confidence I can enjoy life more; afterwards its like you’ve driving through life in an open top car on a sunny, summers day.

Christian GardnerFormer UN Ambassador Southern Spain

Mark Bajerski brings a message of great joy, inspiration and intuitive knowing about how we are able to master our happiness.

Mark’s audiences are left uplifted and motivated to take positive steps to live from a place of deep-rooted trust and power.

Mark has been helping people to transform their lives for over a decade;  a transformation that has brought about success and abundance in work, home, relationships and in personal and spiritual growth.