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ENQUIRIES/STORE ORDERS: Fill in the Contact form below (or email if you have enquiries regarding Mark’s schedule and upcoming Events or to follow up on any Purchase/Store Order from

EVENTS/ PROGRAMS: To review scheduled dates or to book onto a scheduled program with Mark, please select from any of the available dates on the Events page.

ONE TO ONE WITH  MARK: Mark Bajerski is focused full-time as a Spiritual Teacher and is not available for any one-to-one sessions from 2017 (apart from sessions included on Mark’s programs and Retreats).

Important Note:  Mark is entirely focused on his work now as a Spiritual Teacher and no longer provides any spiritual readings either as one-to-one, on retreats or via Skype. Thank you for your understanding.

BOOK A HEALING SESSION: If you are interested in a private one-to-one healing session, please visit the Pure Energy Healers Worldwide practitioner’s page where you may be able to locate a Pure Energy Healer in your country, who has completed training with Mark Bajerski.  Thank you.

HEALING CRYSTALS: If you would like more information about Mark’s Healing Crystals (their properties, how to choose a crystal etc), please visit Mark’s YouTube Channel where you will find lots of information. We regret that, due to the high volume of messages received daily, it is very difficult to respond to individual questions related to Healing Crystals.  In choosing a Crystal, Mark very much resides with the belief that the ‘Crystal chooses You!’…so please do enjoy perusing through Mark’s Healing Crystals at his online store.

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