“I’m now smiling, filled with self love, self worth and a strong belief that spirit is by my side to help heal me and others, this is a truly beautiful experience.”

I arrived with no experience, no expectation, just a curious mind to learn, listen, and desire to heal myself having been drawn to the course! My darkened emotions soon lightened to joy and peace after spending eight beautiful days at Marks healing academy. This is not an ABC course of instruction to energy healing or crystals! Through many honest words Mark guides you to self discovery, to be pure, free, and open, encouraging you from the heart to trust your instinct and intuition. Together through practise and exchange of enquiry Mark creates an inspiring safe and beautiful place to unfold your true potential. To calm the mind, let go and allow spirit to flow through you. Mark is a very gifted teacher sharing his unique experiences of pure energy healing. He supports each individual to find their own unique path to trust their instinct, always with an open heart, huge hug and infectious smile! I am grateful for the beautiful souls I have met on my journey that too have been drawn to Marks course. I’m now smiling, filled with self love, self worth and a strong belief that spirit is by my side to help heal me and others, this is a truly beautiful experience. Much gratitude and love to Mark and his amazing crystals!

Susi – Pure Energy Healing Masters, April 2018

“It is time to let go of the old to make way for the new and embrace a happier future.”

The 4 day PEH course was everything I thought and more.  My nerves beforehand soon vanished. I not only made some wonderful new friends, I explored deep inside myself and after many years, rediscovered the true me, who I thought was gone forever. It felt great!

I have returned to the UK empowered to make changes; letting go of things I cared about deeply, but which also caused me and my family great pain.  It is time to let go of the old to make way for the new and embrace a happier future. Little did I know in 2014 when I first travelled to Spain for 1:1 healing with Mark, that 3 years later I would be where I am now.

I would recommend the course  110%.
Jenny Moore – Pure Energy Healing Masters, August 2017

“A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.”

Time for reflection spent in a beautiful place – the PEH Academy nestled in the mountains of Pueblo Mijas. One could wish for nothing more – Mark’s Academy is full of positive energy – such a lovely place to learn and to experience. Four beautiful days learning about PEH – the 4 days awakened something in me which was always there but was sleeping. I felt in a good place arriving in Mijas for the course, I had met Mark a few years earlier and felt the pull back there. I know that our paths are to serve and to help others ( primarily mine was to help my daughter Jenny who has been on a long journey and that journey continues as does all of ours). I came to understand from the course/Mark, that we can support but that everyone’s journey is their own to learn from and we are not there to keep catching but to allow that person to learn for themselves.

Day 1 – Mark explained all about the various ways to cleanse a room/ yourself from negative energy.
The various different oils, Florida water and crystals that can be used for healing. I loved the Native American influences (feathers/Paul santo). The removal of self-limiting beliefs which then become empowering beliefs. Our connection with one another. Mark has a way of explaining things and I was completely enthralled – it was as though a weight had been lifted from me – hard to explain but I felt so much lighter and at ease.

Days 2 & 3 – Greeting and healing clients throughout the 2 days under Mark’s guidance. I must admit I was so nervous the first time as didn’t feel experienced enough. Mark had prepared us and by leaving us to ‘just be’ – no expectations , to be open and to allow ourselves be a conduit for pure energy to pass through us to the client – best advice as then you stop looking – you just feel and allow whatever comes up to be – everything is just perfect as it is in the moment. I was a bit surprised when Mark left us to it – but realised that was the best way as we then could be ourselves without worrying what he might be thinking.

An amazing 4 days which I will honour forever and feel truly humbled to have done the course – thank you Mark – inspirational. I will continue to serve in the best way I can. A healer does not heal you.  A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.
Mariam H – Pure Energy Healing Masters,

“Now I know exactly who I am!”

These four days have given me more than 2 years at a healing school. You will always inspire me with your lovely heart. Now I know exactly who I am! With all my big heart – Thanks!! Magic is the word!
Mia M – Pure Energy Healing Masters, November 2015

“The more I do with Mark in his Healing Academy, the more I want to do!”

In October, I attended a one day workshop with Mark. It was preparing for and performing Spiritual Healing Rituals. I was the only student for that day and it was fantastic to have Marks attention for myself as this workshop is so interesting. Mark explained and demonstrated how to perform these rituals and what materials to use, flowers, rice, salt, oils etc. even what to wear. We even went for a walk so Mark could tell me which flowers or plants he would or wouldn’t use for his rituals. Although I haven’t yet had the opportunity to use what I learned from him that day I now have the knowledge and the ways in which to prepare. I look forward to the day when I can put it into practice.

To complete our day together Mark gave me a wonderfully powerful healing. It seems the more I do with Mark in his Healing Academy, the more I want to do! I am hooked. Thank you Mark

Annette C – Preparing and Hosting a Healing Circle, October 2015

“I’m leaving knowing I don’t want to do anything else”

I came here not sure if I could do it. Now, I’m leaving knowing I don’t want to do anything else Love you to the moon and back! Hugs.

Helena – Pure Energy Healing Masters, November 2015

“The energy in the academy is hard to describe, just being there is healing and comforting.”

I attended a Crystal Healing Course with Mark in October 2015. It was my second attempt at doing this three day course and I was determined this time to not let anything get in my way. There were four of us on the course and from the moment of stepping in through the door of Marks Pure Energy Healing Academy in beautiful Mijas on that first day the energies were fantastic. The four of us healers gelled and our healing energy increased throughout those three days.

I have done healing for many years but had never used the crystals in the way Mark taught us to. Mark has, at the healer’s disposal to use anytime on the clients, many beautiful crystals, oils, bells etc. The energy in the academy is hard to describe, just being there is healing and comforting.We practiced on each other and on the second day Mark had invited clients for us to practice on. This was a fantastic way of working and gaining confidence. Each client discussed their experience with the healer and everyone was delighted with what they felt during the healing.

Marks way of teaching is very relaxed and makes the students feel at ease from the beginning. He advises but never pushes and he encourages all the way. If I were to rate this course I would give it 6 out of 5. I would even consider doing the course again just for the wonderful experiences.

It was a magical three days. Thank you again Mark!

Annette C – Crystal Masters, October 2015

“Mark holds nothing back and is immeasurably generous and gifted”

“I had an amazing time in Spain and almost don’t know where to start! Arriving in sunny Spain, and meeting Mark, who is so generous and kind was the beginning of the magic. We had incredible healing sessions with Mark, which has boosted my drive to do this work so much. The hotel was lovely, and the room we worked in had magic. I learned so much from Mark – he just holds nothing back and is immeasurably generous and gifted. Hands-on practice was the best bit for me, and daily messages from Spirit. Mark’s new Centre just flows and the vision of it as a school is absolutely accurate because he is born to teach. My time there was amazing and the fun of picking up new crystals was thrilling.  We had gorgeous tapas in the village at lunch time, and then found my much sought after chocolate shop…i met it last year!!! Yum. Being initiated and getting a channeled message from Spirit on the side of the mountain top..well….in truth there are just no words really. So did i enjoy my trip?? Absolutely..it was magical.”

Brid  S – Pure Energy Healing Masters, May 2015

“Mark works as a catalyst, having an innate ability to get to the core of things…”

Mark came over to our company in December 2011 in Rome to hold workshops and individual sessions. It was an incredible experience that we will not forget for a long time. Whether working individually or in group Mark works as a catalyst, having a innate ability to get to the core of things, helping people get to the heart of what matters to them. The principles of Mark’s teaching are simple and the results extremely powerful! That’s what makes Mark so incredibly talented and at the same time so profoundly human.
As our company ‘s expertise is based on resources for personal development the workshops were truly empowering and I hope Mark will continue to be the incredible resource that he is.

Thank you Mark
Ann Flynn (Certified master in Gestalt Counselling and Development Counselor)
The Empower House

“Mark has inspired me and given me confidence to develop my own psychic and healing abilities”

I attended Mark´s workshop in November 2010 at his studio in Mijas. The moment I met Mark and his wife Suzie, I was greeted with warm smiles and made to feel very welcome and comfortable. In Mark´s studio above Suzie´s shop (Tickled Pink), a small group of 5 sat with our hot teas listening to Mark explaining what he does and how he got to where he is today. We started with our own tarot card reading, interpreting the card ourselves. This was a great start as it gave us confidence in our own intuition. We moved onto healing, working with a lady who Mark had greatly helped in the past. Mark also explained about working with energies and how to see auras. After a delicious lunch, we each took turns to do a flower reading for another member of the group. We were all spot on with each others flower….just amazing! Mark then gave us the opportunity to tune into a friend of his who came along as a willing volunteer.I was surprised by my own abilities and how accurate the whole group was telling this lovely lady, who none of us had met, all about herself. At the end of the workshop we all left feeling very happy, inspired and bubbling over with positive energy. Wow, what a day!

Mark has inspired me and given me confidence to develop my own psychic and healing abilities. He is truly a gifted and special human being.

Please spend some time with Mark, he might just change your life!

Shell Walklett


“What I realised by the end of the day was that we are ALL psychic and we ALL have the power to heal”

I originally found Mark through Facebook and I wanted my partner to see him as she has the ability to help people with her psychic and healing skills but she lacks confidence. The workshop happened to land on our 4-year wedding anniversary and so I came along to support her and to spend the day together! For somebody who was brought up in a non-spiritual household & not realising I have any psychic or healing abilities of note, I have to say that at first I felt a little nervous being part of the seminar, especially in an intimate group of only 5 people. Mark made me feel less nervous when he said that as recently as 3 years ago he started to work on bringing his abilities to the surface and using them to help others. He believes that everyone can use their psychic and healing abilities through practice and discipline. The seminar involved many things that of course I had not done before but I embraced them all and found that my psychic & healing abilities are there, I just need to work on them…the more I practice the more accurate I will be. What I realised by the end of the day was that we are ALL psychic and we ALL have the power to heal!

Mark is such a lovely guy who puts you at ease immediately. He is passionate about what he does and he wants everyone to realise their potential too!

Thank you for sharing your amazing energy, happiness, pure love – there is hope for this world yet!
Sat Nam

Laura Walklett