PURE ENERGY HEALING COURSE is a highly recommended program if you are seeking clarity in your life; answers to the many questions about why you are here; your higher purpose; and if you are ready to step into the most amazing power that you truly are! Upon successfully completing the course you will receive a Certificate and be able to practice PURE ENERGY HEALING.

AGREEMENTS: By registering for this course you acknowledge and confirm that you are physically fit and healthy; and able to take care of your own well being. You acknowledge and confirm that you are not on any medication; you are not receiving any therapy nor taking any illegal drugs. Furthermore by registering into the course, you agree not to take any illegal substances; not to consume any alcohol; not to smoke for the duration of the course. The duration of the course includes all hours: at the Academy as well as your rest times, for the entire four days of the course. If you are perceived to be under the influence of any substances or smell of cigarette smoke you could be withdrawn from the course without a refund. These strict measures are in place to protect the safety and comfort of all participants and clients, while providing an environment and energy that is of healing and high vibration.

Tuition: £880 GBP, Non-Refundable

ENROLMENT: To register and reserve your place, a non-refundable booking deposit of £440 GBP is kindly requested as part of this booking process. The remaining balance is required to be paid 8 weeks in advance of your scheduled program start date (a payment request will be issued to you in advance). If you are booking onto a course that starts within 8 weeks, a payment in full is required.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a non-residential program and the tuition price covers attendance to the program only. Price does not cover additional personal expenses such as flights, airport transfers, accommodation or meals.