“My life is filled with inner peace and I see joy in everything.

To help others to experience this beautiful inner healing is what I am here to do.”

Mark Bajerski, Founder – Pure Energy Healing Worldwide

Welcome to my Pure Energy Healing Academy where joyful healing begins…

Over four deeply powerful days…

  • I help people to achieve inner peace and a deeper understanding of life.
  • I work with small, intimate groups (to a max of 6) allowing me to work closely with each individual, helping him or her to heal from painful issues.
  • I help each person to gain a better understanding of life and to deeply transform their way of thinking, of how they view painful moments and challenges.
  • I act as a channel to help each individual to clearly see and to connect with the TRUTH of who they are; a deeply empowering moment of self-realisation that stays with each person forever more.

Mark Bajerski’s Pure Energy Healing Program has been transforming the lives of hundreds of people since he began working as a teacher and Spiritual Guide. Each person experiences a deep self-healing that creates a new and beautiful space where a joyful and meaningful life then begins. You will develop a deeper spiritual awareness and connection to your spiritual journey – one that powerfully strengthens you and your whole life energy.

Step 1 with Mark: Pure Energy Healing Master Program (4 day)

**Highly recommended program if you are seeking clarity in your life, answers to the many questions about why you are here/your higher purpose and if you are ready to step into the most amazing power that you truly are!**

Become the most powerful Healer that you already are!

Deep healing and awakening your inner flame.

This 4-day program begins by becoming more aware of your past and all that you have been through. Hidden memories that may have become trapped and have been holding you back. It is a time for release as these blocks come to the surface but with new understandings and clarity.

It’s time to let go, clearing away past issues to create a beautiful, light space to move on with your amazing life.

During the 4 days of the Pure Energy Healing Masters program, you will begin to deeply recognise that your healing gifts are, and have always been, within you. You have always held this power within to self-heal.

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Step 2 with Mark: Crystal Healing Master Program (4 day)

Deepening the healing journey: Understanding and working with Healing Crystal Energy.

On this powerful 4-day journey of Crystal Healing, Mark Bajerski shares his pure love and very deep understanding of the healing and beneficial powers of the crystals that he has worked with for over 10 years. Through this love and understanding, Mark works with each crystal to optimise it’s own unique and powerful healing energy.

The Crystal Healing Masters Program builds confidence for the Healer. They are guided through Mark Bajerski’s healing techniques that channel pure spiritual healing and that deepen the healing experience of their clients. Mark, who works with crystals daily for almost a decade, shares a very deep connection with each crystal that he heals with. You will be guided on how to heighten your spiritual awareness when healing with Crystals. Mark spends many hours channelling love and spiritual energy into each unique piece and he will guide you on how to channel crystals in this unique way. Read More

**Owing to the nature of this program, it is required that attendees have completed the Pure Energy Healing Master’s program prior to attending the Crystal Healing Masters program. Please email info@markbajerski.com if you require any further clarification on this pre-requisite request. Thank you.

Step 3: Mark’s ONLINE Tarot Program now available

Seeing the ‘bigger picture’ to life; attuning to Spiritual answers/life intuition.

Mark Bajerski, one of the most sought-after Tarot Masters in Europe, will guide you on a beautiful new path of deeper understanding of Tarot. This 10 hour online course deeply explores psychic abilities and the connection between reader and the Tarot cards.

The course will build confidence for the Reader as they are guided on how to see into the cards and to channel pure spiritual messages that deepens the healing and reading experience of their clients. Mark has a very deep connection with Tarot he works with, spending many hours channeling love and spiritual energy into each unique message within these amazing cards. Participants will work with a 78 Tarot Deck from Mark’s personal and powerful Tarot Set and will feel their spiritual awareness heighten as they provide healing messages to many souls invited for healing sessions with these Tarot Cards.  Read More