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Mark Bajerski is an internationally renowned Tarot Master. He will guide you on a beautiful new path of deeper understanding of Tarot. This 10-hour online course deeply explores psychic abilities and the connection between the reader and Tarot cards.

The course is equally valuable for novice and experienced readers. It is suitable for those wanting to be a full-time reader or those interested in using the wisdom of Tarot in their daily life.

This online course will build your confidence as a reader. You will be guided to see into the cards and to channel pure spiritual messages. You will feel your spiritual awareness heighten as you provide healing messages to those who request your guidance.

Awaken to the amazing healing powers of Tarot with Mark and learn to channel the messages and information and not simply “read” the cards by instructions. You will be encouraged to trust your intuition and interpretation of the cards. You will learn to continue opening your intuition and align with your spiritual awareness.


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