The Pure Energy Healing Academy presents…

Illuminate 2018: Pure Energy Healing

A Weekend Gift of Healing.

Costa Del Sol, Spain

***Free event supported by “Gift It Forward” Donations***



Gift it forward is delighted to offer Mark Bajerski’s 10 hour online video masters tarot course as a raffle. These funds raised will help make Illuminate 2018 an even more beautiful free weekend of deep healing. Tickets are 5 euro each and you are welcome to purchase as many tickets as you feel. The draw will take place live from the event on sunday 15th april. (see donation button below)




Awaken to the Amazing Healing Powers of Tarot with

Mark Bajerki

Internationally renowned Tarot Master

  Program includes a free gift of your personal Tarot Card Deck by Carl-W.Rohrig and cost of international shipping.

Mark Bajerski’s 10-hour Online Tarot Course is a journey that is filled with great wisdom.  Following on from the enormous success of Mark’s weekly online tarot program, this easy-to-follow video course in Tarot is uniquely designed to awaken your mystic powers as a channel of messages and information and not to simply ‘read’ a card to instructions.

The nature and design of this Online Tarot Course makes it ideal for anyone:

  • Who is already working actively as a Reader and wishes to master the art of tarot reading.
  • Who may have a deep interest and curiosity in the magic of Tarot and wishes to learn in a light and fun environment.
  • Who has yet to pick up a deck of Tarot and has little or no knowledge of tarot card reading.

Mark Bajerski’s Online Tarot Course is light, fun, deeply insightful and with lots of laughter along the way. Mark dispels all the ‘dark nonsense’ related to Tarot and you are awakened to your true healing nature as a channel of messages and information from Spirit. Mark shares insights as to how Tarot opened his eyes and played a profound part in his healing journey.

“Any reader can see the issues. It takes a true reader to find the answers, present the choices and to provide this power map to those you read for” – Mark Bajerski, Tarot Master

Each lesson will awaken you to a more beautiful and deeper understanding of this powerful spiritual tool.  You will grow in confidence and trust of your intuitive Self, awakening you to physic connection and gifts that are naturally found within each one of us.

Many who have already completed the course are experiencing powerful results through their Tarot Readings and an increase in requests for spiritual readings, due to the clarity and accuracy of what they channel through the cards.

What’s Included: 

  • 10 x 60 minute video lessons presented by Mark Bajerski.
  • 78 Tarot Card Deck for you to work with, beautifully illustrated by Carl-W. Rohrig, shipped to you on enrollment. Please note that the deck you will receive is the Spanish version of Carl-W.Rohrig’s Tarot. The English version of this deck is extremely difficult to source and very costly. Mark will cover each card in the deck so you will not need to worry that the version is in Spanish. Thank you.
  • E-Certificate awarded from Mark Bajerski’s ‘Pure Energy Healing Academy” upon Course Completion.


ABOUT PURE ENERGY HEALING CENTRE – ‘GIFT IT FORWARD’‘The heart that gives is always full’ is a key philosophy of Mark Bajerski’s and is one that he truly practices in his everyday living. For the first 2 years of Mark Bajerski’s healing path, he worked as a spiritual reader and healer without receiving any payment during this time. In his 3rd year, Mark provided free healing sessions to anyone suffering with cancer – something he felt very drawn to doing as a special dedication to his late mother who moved into the light after an illness with cancer when Mark was only 12 years old.

There are occasions when Mark has freely gifted many hours of deep healing to others in their time of critical need, when he believed that, in that moment, no money could be exchanged. During the many years that he has facilitated his healing workshops, an opportunity has been given to many wonderful people to come forward for complimentary healing sessions. Mark is also renowned for gifting his precious healing crystals in just the right moments, with at least 2 from his collection being gifted by Mark for every 1 of his healing crystals sold.

The Gift It Forward donation has worked as a way for those who have received freely through Mark and his work, to then gift something forward, thereby doing a good deed for someone else in need. All contributions received go forward to provide healing for pure souls in need of a helping hand, many who are at their lowest and most challenging moments. If you have been there, then you will understand how amazing and beautiful it is to receive pure light and love from another in those darkest of times.

The Gift it Forward facility, is an opportunity to make a positive difference, to ‘gift forward’ the love and healing that you have been gifted, when it was needed the most.
 Please be assured that all contributions are gifted forward to help beautiful souls in need of healing; human and our animal kingdom, as the Pure Energy Healing Centre acknowledges all Mother Natures souls as being equal.