Gift it forward

The heart that gives is always full” is a key philosophy of Mark Bajerski and is one that he practices in his everyday living. For the first two years of Mark Bajerski’s healing path, he worked as a spiritual reader and healer without accepting any payment during this time. In his third year, Mark provided free healing sessions to anyone suffering with cancer – something he felt very drawn to doing as a special dedication to his late mother who moved into the light after an illness with cancer when Mark was only 12 years old.

There are occasions when Mark has freely gifted many hours of deep healing to others in their time of critical need, when he believed that, in that moment, no money could be exchanged. Mark is also renowned for gifting his precious healing crystals in just the right moments, when someone is in need. He has created numerous events where people received free healings or other gifts. Most recently Mark created an event ILLUMINATE where hundreds of people received free healings; crystals; cleansing; words of empowerment and more, during the two full days.

This event was made possible by Gift It Forward donations; free healing sessions by Pure Energy Healing Practitioners; and other generous souls that made this event possible.

The Gift It Forward donation has also worked as a way for those who have received freely through Mark and his work, and then have expressed a desire to gift something forward to someone else when they were in a good place and able to. All contributions received go forward to provide a gift of healing for souls in need of a helping hand.

The Gift It Forward gesture, is an opportunity to make a positive difference in our world, to ‘Gift Forward’ the love and healing to someone in need.

Please be assured that all contributions are gifted forward to help beautiful souls in need of healing; whether they are of human or animal kingdom, as the Pure Energy Healing acknowledges all Mother Nature’s souls as being equal.


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