Following on from the overwhelming success of their Retreats in 2016 & 2017, Mark Bajerski, Bettina Campolucci and Ajan Yogi are delighted to offer, once again, the opportunity to join them on one of their Heart Healing Retreats in Bali in 2018.

DATES FOR THE 2018 BALI RETREAT :  29th September – 6th October, 2018

TO BOOK: The Heart Healing Retreat has a dedicated website with full details and how to make a booking. Please use the website link below to access the Heart Healing Website. Thank you and we hope to welcome you to a Heart Healing Retreat soon!


What to Expect on a Heart Healing Retreat?

EAT . Heal Through Food

All food at the Heart Healing Retreat is Plant Based, sugar free, gluten free and totally guilt free but with a delicious twist. We believe in feasting with our eyes, tantalising our pallets and healing our bodies with only the best nature has to offer. As we practice mindful eating, we aim to restablish our connection to food and nature again.

The mornings begin with individualized smoothies and continue through out the day with breakfast, a big lunch, an afternoon tea treat followed by a delicious dinner. Nighty night hot drinks are also on offer before bed. We have an open kitchen policy which means we are more than happy to have you peak in during preparation, even help out if you wish.

During your stay Bettina will hold a workshop revealing healthy tips and tricks and general nutritional information that will make healthy eating easier once you get home. Flavoured waters and herb infused teas are on tap through out your stay.

LOVE . Heal Through Love

As part of this exciting 4-day event, you will have the wonderful and rare opportunity to be guided through deep spiritual awakening and reconnection by the highly acclaimed, international ‘Healer of Hearts, Mark Bajerski.  An opportunity to simply ‘be’ present in this your moment and experience an unforgettable energy of deep inner healing and strengthening.

Over the course of your time  Heart Healing Retreat is currently the only experience where Mark is available for one-to-one healing sessions this makes this Retreat even more magical and unique. Below are highlights you will enjoy, guided by Mark Bajerski.

Mark’s Teachings:

How to remove fear from your life and live from your true source of happiness!

Mark will share his amazing teachings and insights on life and healing that have transformed the lives of hundred of people over the past 11 years. Based on the full programs that he runs from his Academy in Spain, Mark will guide you lovingly on how to clear heavy, burdening fear/s from your life – from both past and present. With a deeper understanding of how to restore balance to mind, body and soul and receiving the techniques to help you support this approach to your life, you will find a renewed and sustainable source of happiness arise from within. These teachings from Mark aim to bring about a release of all that is holding you back from living a full and abundant life.

Discover the ancient, natural and powerful healing art with Crystals

Mark Bajerski shares his pure love and very deep understanding of the remarkable and beneficial healing powers of crystals, that he has worked with for over 10 years. Through this love and understanding, Mark works with each crystal to optimise it’s own unique and powerful healing energy. With such passion for crystals, Mark is delighted to offer his deep understandings and teaching about the power of Crystals (and their healing properties) to the Retreat group. Whether it is your first time working with and understanding the energy of Crystals or whether you already have a deep love for their wonderful healing powers, Mark’s guidance will provide a deeply magical and thoroughly enjoyable insight into the world of Crystals and how they support the healing process. You will be introduced to some of the most powerful crystals in our world – and from other worlds!

Spiritual Talks

Over the course of the retreat, you will enjoy a number of inspired talks given by Mark. Mark’s deeply personal insights encompass many truths in relation to the existence of spiritual love and support provided to us in our everyday lives. Mark will highlight the many messages and signs that are all about us and also provide a unique insight into how people can recognise those signs more clearly.

One-to One Pure Energy Healing Sessions

Mark Bajerski is highly acclaimed as a powerful healer and channel for Spirit. Mark’s technique of Pure Energy healing is uniquely effective and restorative. A one-to-one pure energy session occurs in a deeply relaxed environment, in an energy that is lovingly prepared by Mark so that each person will feel completely relaxed and peaceful. Mark’s deep connection to Spirit facilitates a powerful energy flow that works to ‘unblock’ points in the body where negative issues can manifest. Pure Energy Healing works on all levels of healing – mental, physical and emotional. It is a very safe, non-intrusive process that focuses on reconnection to our inner selves and reconnection to Spirit. Almost everyone experiences an immediate positive response to Mark’s pure energy healing, feeling an inner calmness, awareness and rejuvenation. Mark lives and works from the heart, which is immediately evident to anyone who steps into his energy and the healing session will be deeply peaceful and restorative.

MOVE . Heal Through Movement

Sri Ajan will be leading a two daily yoga classes at the Retreat. A soft 90 minute sunrise yoga class with a mediation and pranayamas (breathe)in the morning and an afternoon class for the say yoga practitioners craving more strength and endurance. As well as the yoga Sri Ajan will lead and teach you the ancient secrets to meditation, chanting and deep relaxation on some of our evenings. You will hear Ajans  deep voice echoing long after you have left the Retreat.

Ayurvedic Massage

Everyone will receive a complimentary individualised Ayurvedic whole body massage aimed at alliviating old aches and pains and releasing new energy and life into worn out and tired bodies leaving you light as a feather.

The Heart Healing Retreats are a truly special, immersive experience. We focus on small groups of about 8 attendees which gives us the opportunity to focus on YOU on a very personal level.

TO BOOK: The Heart Healing Retreat has a dedicated website with full details and how to make a booking. Please use the website link below to access the Heart Healing Website. Thank you and we hope to welcome you to a Heart Healing Retreat soon!