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I Was In A Dark Place

I Was In A Dark Place

Last night, when I was in a dark place, looking for help and healing, an angel suddenly came and put her arms around me. She whispered, “Mark, now is the time to be strong. You feel this pain which strengthens your belief in the truth, and this truth is love.

Love is always being kind, caring and gentle with messages of love, helping beautiful souls along their journey – no matter how long it takes – and allowing them to shine their light. You smile when they are shining more brightly than you, and you find light in the darkness for everyone who needs a little help. You always believe in your fellow brothers and sisters, and shine your light with all your love. All these acts of kindness come from your heart and as long as you always stay true to your heart, you can only be the light.”

At that moment, my earth angel walked into the bedroom and held me in her arms. Thank you, Suzie Bajerski, for being an amazing soul who knows my heart so well.

Today, thanks to the help of all my friends on earth and in Spirit, I am feeling lighter and see the light a little better. I bow to you all, hand on heart, to say how grateful I am to have you in my heart and in my life. Today is a good day and tomorrow will be even better. So, from my heart to yours, thank you. Keep shining – you’re amazing.


Mark Bajerski

Healer of Hearts