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Lighthouses Of This World

Lighthouses Of This World

Lighthouses of this world, you are amazing. Don’t ever let other people’s weaknesses imprison your brain and allow your beautiful heart to suffer a moment longer.

Having a super-sensitive heart is a truly amazing gift, but how we use this gift is also extremely important for our own sanity and peace. I see so many light workers in pain because they allow their mind to control their gift – if there is one lesson for me to share with you about healing, it is this:

You are here to feel, but when you do, your mind will automatically kick in at that moment and begin to question everything you’re feeling. You must tell your mind to SHUT UP!

Then simply look up and ask your loved ones to take over the situation. Trust with all your heart that the place you were just taken to in order to feel this pain was simply the bridge between the issue you felt and the Spirit world.

Now, you can get on with your own beautiful life.

Remember, dear friends, you will always feel pain through life; it’s inevitable. However, this suffering is optional – so feel it, then let it go. Why? Because it’s not your cross to carry – you are simply the bridge for the healing of others.


Mark Bajerski
Healer of hearts.


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