Mark Bajerski's Healing Crystals

Mark Bajerski’s Healing Crystals Collection

Each crystal from Mark Bajerski’s Healing Crystals collection has a divine and beautiful story behind it. Mark likes to explain where each healing crystal originated, how they are used and what they are used for. Mark works as a catalyst for Spirit and has the ability to feel or sense what energy each crystal intuitively holds to help heal in the body,  mind and spirit.

These crystals are only offered for purchase after Mark has worked with them, blessed them, worn them and is completely happy that they are ready to go and continue their healing journey. Working full-time as a healer, a minimum of 10 hours of channeled pure energy work from Mark Bajerski has been placed into each individual crystal.

Some years ago Mark found himself creating his own magical healing, cleansing and abundance oils. Mark places many of his working crystals inside jars of the oils where they work in complete harmony together. Mark places 100% of his love for crystals and his gift of healing together combining into a most powerful and pure energy.

Please feel welcome to visit the online store where you may feel drawn to one of Mark’s crystals.  A Mark Bajerksi Healing Crystal is not just a Crystal – each piece is a working and loving energy in progress.

“For the past two nights I have kept my three angels – opalite ,cherry quartz and amethyst – right next to me on the bedside cabinet. I feel my sleep has improved and I’ve not had horrid dreams. In fact I can’t remember what i dreamt. Thank you Mark x” – Linda Johnson

“I received my pendant this morning – thank you so much. It is truly beautiful, not just as a lovely piece of jewellery, but it has a wonderful feeling about it. I wore it for most of the day and, although I am not psychic, I was aware of something missing (perhaps a lowered frequency vibration) when I removed it. The handwritten note was very touching, and I am so grateful for its message.Thank you again for the time and trouble you have taken in the preparation of this very special gift.
With love and best wishes” – Sandra