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My Special Place

My Special Place

I woke up this morning and went to my special place, where I meditate and send healing to the people who touch my life. I began to recall my past and the memories of a caring, sharing, loving and deeply sensitive sister and as a smile crossed my face, I began to relive some of those memories.

At times I laughed and at times I cried. She was a good sister and I said to myself, “She really did love me and she helped me through so many things – such as my pain and fear at school; she spent many nights filling in my homework because she was so gifted. She had great intelligence and I was burdened with dyslexia, which of course my teachers then did not understand.

I remembered the chocolate bars we shared together, the nights when I followed her singing path to finally make it onto TV in ‘Opportunity Knocks’. I recalled holding a newspaper cutting of her with two famous TV stars giving her an award for Nurse of the Year; I also reflected on all the times when she was in pain – she woke up one morning with a huge abscess on her face and was rushed to hospital; I remembered all the moments we shared in the Mormon church.

The kindness of my sister is beyond understanding. She has never missed a single one of her friends’ birthdays; she sends everyone – and I mean everyone! – a card. Anna Maria Bajerski is my sister and I am so, so proud of her. She puts everyone else before herself – and that’s possibly why she has been through so many great challenges. But, dear sister, I just want you to know on this, your birthday: I wouldn’t change a single thing about you. You’re the best sister any brother could wish for.

I love you.

Happy birthday sister. ….



Mark Bajerski
Healer of Hearts