Online Tarot Course

Learn to receive spiritual guidance and see ‘the Bigger Picture’ in life.

Mark Bajerski is an internationally renowned Tarot Master. He will guide you on a beautiful new path of deeper understanding of Tarot. This 10 hour online course deeply explores psychic abilities and the connection between the reader and Tarot cards.

The course is equally valuable for novice and experienced readers. It is suitable for those wanting to be a full-time reader or those interested in using the wisdom of Tarot in their daily life.

This online course will build your confidence as a reader. You will be guided to see into the cards and to channel pure spiritual messages. You will feel your spiritual awareness heighten as you provide healing messages to those who request your guidance.

Awaken to the amazing healing powers of Tarot with Mark and learn to channel the messages and information and not simply “read” the cards by instructions. You will be encouraged to trust your intuition and interpretation of the cards. You will learn to continue opening your intuition and align with your spiritual awareness.


ONLINE TAROT COURSEby Mark Bajerski is light, fun, deeply insightful and with lots of laughter along the way. Mark dispels all the ‘dark nonsense’ related to Tarot and you are awakened to your true healing nature as a channel of messages and information from Spirit. Mark shares insights as to how Tarot opened his eyes and played a profound part in his healing journey.


  • 10 x 60 minute video lessons presented by Mark Bajerski
  • 78 Card Tarot Deck beautifully illustrated by artist Carl-W. Rohrig, shipped to you upon enrolment
  • The deck you will receive is a Spanish version of Carl-W.Rohrig’s Tarot. The English version of this deck is extremely difficult to source and very costly. This should not be a concern as Mark will cover each card in the deck and you will also realize that the messages are intuitive and not literal.
  • Two special gifts included:
    • Complimentary bottle of Mark’s Awakening Oil. (normal price: £30.00gbp)
    • Complimentary box of Awakening & Protection Incense Sticks with Moldavite Dust. (normal price £24.00gbp)
  • E-Certificate awarded from the Pure Energy Healing Academy upon successful course completion.

The course includes a free gift of your personal Tarot card deck by artist Carl-W. Rohrig. This deck is one of the most beautiful Tarot cards as they have been created as paintings by the artist. Please note that some cards depict the beauty of human body in the nude.

Tuition: £250 GBP

*Please note: the tuition fee for this course is non-refundable


Enrol to register and purchase the course. You will have immediate access to the 10 lessons. The physical cards will be shipped to you. You can begin your lessons or wait till your cards arrive. You will have 6 months to access the lectures and complete the course.


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