4 x Sacred Cleansing Negative Energy & 4 x Awakening & Protection Incense Sticks – with complimentary DHL Delivery


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– 4 boxes of Mark Bajerski’s Sacred Cleansing Negative Energy Incense Sticks
– 4 boxes of Mark Bajerski’s Awakening & Protection  Incense Sticks with Moldavite Dust

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Awakening and Protection Incense Sticks: This amazing combination of the most powerful healing plants with pure Moldavite crystal, works purposely to cleanse a working space, in preparation for the most powerful, healing, high vibration energy. These incense sticks allow a Pure Energy Healer, energy practitioner, healer, crystal healer, yoga master, psychic, medium or anyone seeking to strengthen their spiritual and healing path, to easily work at the highest level of connection with source.

Sacred Cleansing Negative Energy Incense Sticks: The main ingredients, Palo Santo & Wiraqoya, are known throughout the land as medicines for cleansing dark energies and to purify the whole of your Spiritual core and Chakras. Clearing our energy field and leaving us free from anything negative that could at times sit and lay dormant and that, over time, can create physical and emotional unbalance. The sticks are made by local natives in Southern Peru and, we are proud to say, are a Fair Trade project with people receiving a living wage & working in a co-operative environment.
The Palo Santo & Wiraqoya have been used for thousands of years to promote spiritual & physical health. They are both native to the Andes Mountains.

At the Pure Energy Healing Academy, Mark Bajerski, renowned international healer, works on each box of these incense sticks for one hour of Pure Energy healing to intensify their energy as one of the most powerful cleansing sticks available today.

Works to Clear:
Emotional trauma
Psychic Attacks
Depressive Thoughts
Negative energy in any room
Heavy energies occurred by illness
Past dark energies
Negative Energy stuck in your Prana

Additional Benefits:
Uplifts your Energy
Brings balance back into your Prana
Amazing connection for meditation
Perfect when preparing yoga classes
A Healers perfect cleansing stick

Recommended for working Psychics, Healers and those in alternative therapies, Tarot Readers, Angel Card Readers, Mediums, Channelers, Psychic Writers.

For information on the difference between Mark Bajerski’s Sacred Cleansing Negative Energy Sticks and his Awakening & Protection Incense Sticks – WATCH MARK’S YOUTUBE VIDEO 

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