Amethyst Bracelet Trio Set “I am Love, You are Love” – High Quality, LOW STOCK!


This beautiful trio set of high quality Amethyst Bead bracelets has been lovingly worked on by Mark Bajerski. In bringing this trio together, Mark was guided to offer the following suggestions for each of the bracelets you will receive in this purchase.

Firstly, hold all three bracelets in your hands. Close your eyes and attune to each bracelet until you discover the vibration of one that feels ideal for you. Keep this beautiful bracelet as a gift to your heart. The vibration of self-worth and self-love.

Then, hold the remaining two bracelets and feel guided to choosing one for a loved one, perhaps someone that you would like to make amends with or to remind them, in spite of differences or challenges, that you hold much love for them. Gift this bracelet to that chosen person. The vibration of understanding and love for others.

The last bracelet Mark suggests that you carry with you until you feel guided to gifting this beautiful Amethyst Crystal bracelet away to a person you don’t know, a passer-by or someone you simply notice one day and feel may be lifted by this wonderful gift. Present this gift to them with a smile. The vibration of kindness and connection.

Ideal for anyone who is currently dealing with challenging situations within the family or with loved ones and for those who are finding it a struggle to make new connections and friendships.
This beautiful Amethyst Trio Set reminds us how we always hold the power to be a light for ourselves and for others.

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