Amethyst (Large, Healers Pendant) – High Quality, MB Designed Setting


Large Crystals for Healers – Large Palm Working Healer’s Crystal

A Working Healer’s Crystal Pendants is designed for anyone who loves to heal others. Not to be worn all day long as they are large and heavy for the neck to support all day, these pendants are mounted for string or chain and can fit beautifully into the palm of your hand, to also placing on your client’s body. Intuitively, you will feel the immense powers of this crystal working alongside you.

This stunning pure energy healing working pendant has worked alongside me and now holds the healing memory to connect you with a deeper spiritual energy and connection.

Once around you, your core strengthens and your energy points become increasingly sensitive to the most important energies you need to work with. Your life will clear away negative energy and people who have and could cause you any issues.

This crystal helps protect you and keeps you focused, bringing a powerful protection against negative people and energies.

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