Amethyst ‘Tree of Life’ Dreamcatcher, Large – High Quality Crystals, Mark Bajerski Latest Collection


This latest collection of highest quality, Amethyst Healing Crystal Dreamcatchers with Tree of Life design, has been worked on lovingly by Mark Bajerski. They each now hold the healing memory to align you with a deeper spiritual energy and connection.

Amethyst is a wonderful crystal to work with when starting a path of awakening, deeper understanding and spiritual connection and a great crystal to work with in meditation. You will  begin to clear away negative energy and people from your life that have and could cause you any issues. Once around you, your core strengthens and your energy points become increasingly sensitive to the most important energies you need to work with.

Amethyst crystal helps protect you and keeps you focused, bringing a powerful protection against negative people and energies and enabling you to feel balanced and grounded.

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