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This stunning pure energy healing Angel Aura crystal has worked alongside me and holds the healing memory to clear deep emotional pain experienced through losing a child. No matter what time may have passed, Angel Aura works to clear away feelings of despair, frustration, guilt, the ‘what if’s?’
Once on or around you, it works on your Third Eye and Crown Chakras helping to soothe your emotional body and opens a new doorway, connecting you to the love of Spirit and to the love of your child in Spirit, where you see and feel how your loved one is always with you.  Through this healing a new bond begins and you will start to walk a path of happiness once again, which is what our loved ones in Spirt wish daily for us.

Angel Aura is great crystal to work with to clear bad mood-swings, aggressive behaviour and fears from within and anyone around you.  It has a protective energy and once around you, your energy becomes heightened and an inner healing takes place. It helps you to see what needs to be seen and gives you strength to walk a beautiful path of truth.
Angel Aura has an overall profound energy that helps to raise your vibration, and the vibration of those around you, in so many ways. A wonderful crystal for young people and also for anyone who works on a psychic or healing level.

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