Angel Cards Collection by Mark Bajerski **Special Offer** – (includes free Express DHL Shipping)


This very special offer includes all three of Mark Bajerski’s Angel Card Decks. A perfect trio as a beautiful gift for you or your loved ones.
Each Deck of Angel Cards carries beautiful channelled messages that offer guidance, deeper insights, support and light – just in the moment when needed.

Angel Cards – Editions 1 & Edition 2, by Mark Bajerski

This beautiful set includes both Editions 1 and 2 of Angel Cards by Mark Bajerski. Each deck the contains 40 cards that are channelled messages from Spirit.  Each card holds a divine message that connects us to our greatest source of inner light, healing and strength.

Mark Bajerski, International Spiritual Healer, has brought together this inspiring collection of ‘whispers’ from Spirit; whispers that are intended for each one of us. Through each message, Spirit invites you to connect more strongly to the power that you hold within, to the light that you alone bring to the world and which is so important that you allow to shine.

Each healing message from Spirit will provide guidance – and often the answer that is needed – empowering you to live a beautiful life; one that is filled with love and gratitude.

Enjoy your message from Spirit daily or whenever you are in need of guidance and Spirits love.

Angel Cards – Powerful messages from the Angels, by Mark Bajerski

Simplicity is the most beautiful energy that heals our hearts and is why these angel cards need no long introduction or explanations. Whenever you need confirmation, simply choose one or more cards from your Angels to reveal how they watch over you and guide you daily, through these powerful messages.

This special offer includes:

  • Angel Cards – Edition 1
  • Angel Cards – Edition 2
  • Angel Cards – Powerful Messages from the Angels 
  • FREE Express DHL Courier delivery (excludes any customs fees that may apply)

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