Blister Pearl – High Quality


This stunning pure energy healing working Blister Pearl pendant has worked alongside me and holds the healing memory to clear tension, stress and  helps the flow of blood in your body.   This crystal has an amazing ability to heal on a cellular level, and rejuvenate your whole physical body.

Once around you, the energy begins to clear away toxins throughout your body, helping you meditate, attune and strengthen your immune system. This Crystal takes you to a high and magical place. Beautiful when giving absent healing and shamanic work, this crystal is also amazing when practicing Astral Travel, connecting with Spirit or working on self healing.
Inner peace and a new healing and awareness frequency begins to flow throughout your life force. As time goes by, your chakras become more powerful and your senses heighten.  A powerful tool for psychic work and healing work. 

Clears tightness from the jaw and great to support breathwork.

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