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This stunning pure energy healing Blue John Crystal pendant has worked alongside me and once around you, you will feel a surge of energy that runs through the whole of your body and life force.

This crystal helps you find your inner flame and power and it awakens you to your spiritual path and journey. Your awareness heightens and you will feel different sensations throughout the day. Your understanding of people and life becomes the driving force that helps you move toward a more positive and successful life.

Blue John holds the power to allow you to see what it is that you need to change in your life for the better, bringing balance and grounding. This crystal has a powerful connection with spiritual work and is amazing for healers, psychics and anyone who wishes to heighten their meditation, yoga and mantra practice.

This crystal helps with clearing physical and emotional blocks from your body, helping you speak your truth. Physically it’s helps eye issues, spine, neck and shoulders.

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