Cheetah Agate – High Quality, MB Designed Setting


This stunning pure energy healing working Cheetah Agate crystal has worked alongside me and now holds the healing memory to heighten your awareness and spiritual flow.

Once around you, your intuitive side grows to an even greater vibration. Cheetah Agate helps to release feelings of frustration and ‘being stuck’. Its energy clears the mind of any confusion and you start to simplify your life and not allow yourself be drawn into complicated situations. You begin to live more in the flow, feeling more at ease. Your confidence grows and you feel more motivated day by day.

Cheetah Agate is an ideal crystal for all ages and great for any types of energy healing work. Amazing for psychic attunement and connection to the flow of spirit, Cheetah Agate helps protect you against negative people and dark dirty energies. An ideal crystal to wear when you are on a path of awakening.

Cheetah Agate also works on releasing heavy energy blocks from past traumas and challenging times, enabling you to see and feel more clearly towards the future.

Physically, Cheetah Agate supports the muscles, bones, spine, liver and kidney. It helps to destress heaviness from the eyes and shoulders from computer work and also to relax tension from the face and jaw.

This is a great crystal of choice if you are a speaker, coach, a writer etc., and would like to share a positive message as it helps you to project your energy in a most positive and uplifting way.

Cheetah Agate Crystal blasts a powerful wave throughout the day into the physical and spiritual life force raising your vibration to a very positive level.

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