**Limited Special Offer** Mark Bajerski Shamanic Tool Box – Limited Sets Available**(includes Crystals, Incense, Sage, Angel Cards, Mala Beads and more!)


The Shamanic Tool Box is an incredible box collection that Mark Bajerski has brought together for this amazing offer and includes many of the tools and products that Mark utilizes daily. 
This wonderful collection of Crystals, Incense, Sage, Agua de Florida and more has very limited availability. 

Normal Price £1100gbpSpecial Offer Price: £498.00bbp

This purchase includes:

  • 9 x boxes of Awakening & Protection Incense Sticks with Pure Moldavite Dust
  • 9 x boxes Sacred Cleansing Negative Energy Incense Sticks
  • 5 x bags of 100gm Sage
  • 3 x Tree of Life Dreamcatchers (1 x Shungite, 1 x Amethyst & 1 x Rose Quartz)
  • 3 bottles Agua de Florida
  • 1 set of Mala Beads (attuned to and personally selected for you by Mark Bajerski)
  • 1 Moldavite Trio Pendant (attuned to and personally selected for you by Mark Bajerski)
  • 6 x Crystal Spheres (each Crystal Sphere included in this purchase will be personally selected for you by Mark Bajerski)
  • Angel Cards – First Edition & Second Edition by Mark Bajerski
  • Angel Cards – Powerful Messages from the Angels by Mark Bajerski

This exquisite box collection will be shipped to you via Express DHL Delivery.  (*excludes any customs fees that may apply to your shipment).

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