Cobaltoan Calcite – High Quality


This stunning pure energy healing Cobaltoan Calcite crystal pendant has worked alongside me and holds the healing memory to heal the heart of emotional and spiritual attack by clearing away heavy and negative energy.

Once around you, your heart chakra strengthens, cleansing past trauma and heartache. This crystal helps you see your true self, your power and gifts. You will begin to see your path and move forward in your life with a positive mental and emotional attitude. A wonderful Crystal to work with if you’ve been hurt or feel as though you’ve been let down, the energy of this crystal will help you to let go, move forward and connect with people who love you for who you are.

This crystal makes you feel confident about your future goals, helps to raise your awareness and to relight your inner flame. Overall this amazing energy crystals brings balance, inner calm and you will feel worthy.
A great crystal to pair with Black Tourmaline, particularly if you are moving through a time of grief. This combination will support you and help you find your strength.

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