**Special Offer – Only 1 set remaining** – Mark’s Deep-Rooted Trauma Cleansing Set – 5 High Quality Crystals worked on by Mark for Chakra Cleansing, DHL delivery included


**Special Offer Ends Soon- Limited Sets Only 1 set remaining**

The Deep Rooted Trauma Cleansing Crystals Set includes 5 most powerful healing crystals that have each been prepared and lovingly worked on by International Crystal Healer, Mark Bajerski.

These 5 powerful crystals – Fluorite, Natural Citrine, Rose Quartz, Sunstone and Shungite – have been specifically selected and brought together in this set by Mark, and each creates a unique, pure energy healing vibration that works on cleansing the mind, body and spirit from deeply-rooted traumas.

Simply place each Crystal on the Chakra point, as suggested by Mark below, for 15 minutes twice a day for a minimum of 7 days.

– Fluorite to be placed on the Crown Chakra.
– Natural Citrine to be placed on the Throat Chakra.
– Sunstone to be placed on the Heart Chakra.
– Rose Quartz to be placed on the Solar Plexus Chakra.
– Shungite to be placed on the Base/Root Chakra.

All five crystals are of the highest quality and work together in a unique wave of energy to create a higher vibration to clear deep trauma.

**Please note this offer has limited availability. Mark Bajerski has carefully selected the 5 Crystals that are included in each set purchased and the crystals will be similar to what is seen in the product image.**

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