Diary of an Accidental Psychic – by Mark Bajerski, Special Offer Price


There is a secret, a wisdom that many believe to be lost or only revealed to those who live in monasteries, meditate under trees or to Spiritual seekers. Or so we were led to believe. I was a successful auctioneer living an ordinary life. Then, at the age of thirty-eight, my life changed dramatically. I now know this wisdom exists; it is all around us and within us. The clues are contained in our past, present and our future and within the incredible stories that fill our lives. The secret is in how to recognise the clues – the messages that exist in our everyday life but hidden in plain sight. My purpose in sharing my diary – a collection of true stories and secrets to raising your mystical awareness – is to show how a higher intervention plays a powerful role in our everyday lives and to help you recognize your own divine messages. In a world that has become somewhat disconnected from the true essence of living, this book will allow you to move beyond fear and pain, bringing you and everyone who loves you closer to peace and happiness. These true stories all happened to me, they changed lives and they will help change your life forever. Because everything is as it should be!

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