First Aid Kit for Mind, Body and Spirit: 5 x Healing Oils (including Golden Relief), Sage, Incense & Florida de Agua


Included in this wonderful kit for Mind, Body and Spirit:

  • 1 x Don Tolman Pure Energy Oil Golden Relief – filled with Pure Energy Healing by Mark Bajerski
  • 1 x Pure Energy Sacred Oil
  • 1 x Pure Energy Abundance Oil
  • 1 x Pure Energy Healing Oil
  • 1 x Pure Energy Cleansing Oil 
  • 1 x bag of Burning Sage 
  • 1 box of Sacred Cleansing Negative Energy Incense Sticks 
  • 1 box of Awakening & Protection Incense Sticks With Pure Moldavite Dust
  • 1 bottle of Agua de Florida
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Don Tolman Pure Energy Oil Golden Relief  Created from global Ancient Wisdom and infused with Pure Energy Healing by Mark Bajerski:

Ingredients: Pure Essential Oils of Safflower, Wintergreen, Menthol, Camphor, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, Orange, Arnica, Helichrysum & Gold Flakes (24karat, food grade).

Each 15ml bottle has been lovingly worked on by Mark Bajerski, infused with Pure Energy Healing.

Don Tolman Golden Relief is used to offer relief from many inflammatory discomforts.  Derived from pure essential oils, plant extracts and 24K gold flakes that are known for their anti-inflammatory qualities, it can be gently massaged to ease unpleasant muscle pain as well as stiff joints.

Golden Relief clears skin afflictions similar to bites and stings as well as fungal infections (Athlete’s Foot), etc. It can additionally be used for rheumatic or arthritic pain, toothache, cold sores, poison ivy, burns/scalds, itching, swelling, stiff neck, flesh pains, bruises or sprains.

Sacred Oil:

Sacred Oil is a rare and special oil inspired by a powerful channelled message from spirit. From pure hearts of powerful healers, guided by spirit -this blend of essential oils is one of the most potent concentration of pure healing energy. Sacred Oil has been blessed with the power of love; pure energy healing crystals; masculine and feminine energies channelled by pure energy healers; sacred sound vibration of crystal singing bowls; love and guidance from the spirit world.
This extraordinary oil is highly potent and should be used in small amounts. It can assist with relieving physical pain, emotional suffering, stress and pressures from daily life, cleansing and clearing away the heavy and dark energies from the environment, toxic energy from technology, protection from negative and low vibrations of your own or others, overall well-being of the body, heart and mind. This oil is great for highly sensitive people who are struggling in daily environment, it brings instant wonderful energy to help lift your spirit and elevate your vibration so you can feel more balanced and empowered, it helps alleviate physical discomfort, it is a powerful tool and protection for professionals who work with the public: healing practitioners, massage therapists, instructors, teachers. Place 3 drops onto your palm, rubbing your hands together and cupping them to inhale the beautiful and powerful aroma of the oil, then rubbing onto the area of your body that needs healing energy. Rub it over the heart chakra for emotional healing; on your temples for help in relieving tension, stress, worry or headache; rub it over the stomach for helping with intestinal pain or discomfort relief; massage it onto a muscle for aiding with pain release; mix it with a non scented carrier oil for a powerful healing massage.

Abundance Oil:

Mark Bajerski’s Pure Energy Abundance Oil is a powerful oil that awakens your true gifts, your spiritual wisdom and your inner power. It awakens your inner flame to bring out the fire and passion within you.
Simply place a few drops on your third eye to awaken your psychic and intuition and to see the truth. Place a few drops on your throat to be able to speak your truth. Place a few drops behind your ears to hear the truth. Place a few drops on your heart to feel the truth. Place a few drops into your hands and breathe in the oil through your nose and exhale out through your mouth, releasing all the trapped negative energy. Repeat 10 times in the morning and night for full affect.

Healing Oil:

Mark Bajerski’s Healing oil is a powerful oil to help your physical body repair faster. It works on clearing energy blocks in and around your life force.
Simply place a few drops near the area where you feel you have an issue. Gently massage the oil and feel the healing process. Place a few drops on your wrist. Place a few drops into your hands and breathe in the oil through your nose and exhale out through your mouth, releasing all the trapped negative energy. Repeat this breathe in/release about 4 or 5 times. This can be repeated in the morning and in the evening for greater affect.

Cleansing Oil:

Mark Bajerski’s Cleansing oil is a powerful oil that clears away negative energy from around and within your body. By simply placing a few drops on your finger tips and gently massaging it onto your lower back you will feel the relief of heavy and dirty energy we all hold from time to time. Placing it onto your temples and gently massaging you will release worry and fear energy that causes stress and physical issues. Placing a few drops onto your stomach and gently massaging will clear away the emotional stress that sits in the stomach. Placing a drop on your shoulders, you will clear away the burden of heavy work load. And finally, placing a few drops onto your heart and gently massaging you will clear away the pain and suffering of painful and emotional issues of the heart and love. This Oil is a very powerful protection oil, if you are ever in a negative situation then this is the perfect time to use it.

Pure Energy Cleansing Sage:

Pure Energy Cleansing Sage is a very effective way to clear away negative energy that can attach to our bodies, within our homes, place of work or within any building. The ancient art of using Sage (smudging) is a powerful technique used to clear away negative energies that may have gathered over a number of years and to restore inner balance, harmony and peace to your energy and to the energy about you.

Sacred Cleansing Negative Energy Sticks:

Mark Bajerski has combined powerful healing energy with a blend of natural Incense Sticks from Peru, creating one of the most powerful  cleansing sticks in the world. Along with the healing Mark places in each stick, he also brushes each stick with very fine fragments of Moldavite making these sticks truly one of a kind. Ideal for people who work in the alternative world and who work daily alongside people who need their help; those who are involved in deep healing to release heavy and dark energies. These sticks are the result of a working process to find and make the most powerful cleansing sticks possible.Mark sourced a village where the local peruvian people dedicate their lives to the growth and collection of natural plants, twigs and herbs in the Andes mountains of Peru. What you will hold in your hand is a 100% natural product, hand crafted from plants & resins native to the Andes Mountains. The main ingredients, Palo Santo & Wiraqoya, are known throughout the land as medicines for cleansing dark energies and to purify the whole of your Spiritual core and Chakras. Clearing our energy field and leaving us free from anything negative that could at times sit and lay dormant and that, over time, can create physical and emotional unbalance. The sticks are made by local natives in Southern Peru and, we are proud to say, are a Fair Trade project with people receiving a living wage & working in a co-operative environment. The Palo Santo & Wiraqoya have been used for thousands of years to promote spiritual & physical health. They are both native to the Andes Mountains.At the Pure Energy Healing Academy, Mark Bajerski, renowned international healer, works on each box of these incense sticks for one hour of Pure Energy healing to intensify their energy as one of the most powerful cleansing sticks available today.

Works to Clear:
Emotional trauma
Psychic Attacks
Depressive Thoughts
Negative energy in any room
Heavy energies occurred by illness
Past dark energies
Negative Energy stuck in your Prana

Additional Benefits:
Uplifts your Energy
Brings balance back into your Prana
Amazing connection for meditation
Perfect when preparing yoga classes
A Healers perfect cleansing stick
Recommended for working Psychics, Healers and those in alternative therapies, Tarot Readers, Angel Card Readers, Mediums, Channelers, Psychic Writers.

Awakening & Protection Incense Sticks With Pure Moldavite Dust

After many years of working as a Pure Energy Healer and teacher, Mark Bajerski has created this unique potent combination of the most powerful healing plants with pure Moldavite crystal to help awaken your psychic and healing power and assist you with your connection to spirit, source and the universal healing energy within and around you. These powerful sticks are also used to promote connection to extraterrestrial and angelic energies heightening your awareness in astral travel, and bringing protection against low vibrations and dark, dirty or negative energies.

Mark Bajerski has channeled Pure Energy Healing to this blend of natural plants with real Moldavite dust, creating one of the most powerful spiritual-connection incense sticks in the world.

This amazing combination works purposely to cleanse a working space, in preparation for the most powerful, healing, high vibration energy. These incense sticks allow a Pure Energy Healer, energy practitioner, healer, crystal healer, yoga master, psychic, medium or anyone seeking to strengthen their spiritual and healing path, to easily work at the highest level of connection with source.


Mark sourced villages where the local Peruvian people dedicate their lives to the growth and collection of natural plants, twigs and herbs in the Andes mountains of Peru, he chose frankincense native to Oman, organic sage from the Alpujarra region of Spain, and genuine Moldavite from the Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic. What you hold in your hand is 100% natural product, hand crafted from plants & resins with no added artificial scents or fillers.

For information on the difference between Mark Bajerski’s Sacred Cleansing Negative Energy Sticks and his Awakening & Protection Incense Sticks – WATCH MARK’S YOUTUBE VIDEO 

Aqua De Florida:  This beautiful and powerful shamanic water is used to cleanse the aura, and heighten the vibration of the energy, spirit and heart vibration.

Please Note:
Click here for further important information on Oil contents.

Grape Seed Oil is the base oil used in ALL  Spiritual Healing Oils.

The Abundance, Healing and Cleansing Oils all contain Almond Oil.

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