Flint **Special Offer** – High Quality, MB Designed Setting


This stunning pure energy healing working Flint Crystal has worked alongside me and now holds the healing memory to clear away negative thoughts and protects from the energy of negative people. Flint has the unique effect of healing those who constantly abuse, mistreat or attack others.  It also helps those who are constantly abused. The energy within Flint is so powerful that you will find yourself feeling stronger, calmer and balanced. It helps heal knee-jerk reactions and stops you from getting angry.

It is a crystal of great vibration and amazing for healers, psychics and for anyone who works with the public. If you are struggling with life and don’t have the courage to make decisions then this crystal is perfect. It allows you to find inner power and the strength to break through any challenges or experiences necessary in order to move forward with your beautiful life.

Flint also supports the healing of bones.

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