Fluorite Green – (97.84 gms) Large Palm Crystal for Healers, Handcrafted MB Designed Setting


Large Crystals for Healers – Large Palm Working Healer’s Crystal

This collection of large Palm Working Healer’s Crystal Pendants is designed for anyone who loves to heal others. Not to be worn all day long as they are large and heavy for the neck to support all day, these pendants are mounted for string or chain and can fit beautifully into the palm of your hand, to also placing on your client’s body. Intuitively, you will feel the immense powers of this crystal working alongside you.

This Crystal has worked alongside Mark and holds the healing memory to amplify your heart and healing connection. Mark Bajerski worked with this very same principle for 16 years and found that his healing became more successful, powerful and intense in so many unique and positive ways.

Flourite Green 97.84 grams

This stunning Pure Energy Healing working pendant has worked alongside me on many clients and now holds the healing memory to awaken your intuition and psychic abilities.

Once around you, your energy grows and your inner healing power awakens. You will feel your whole body strengthening so that you can become the beautiful, you.

This Crystal will help you walk through life in the most positive way and your self-love becomes obvious. This Crystal will love and protect you.

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