Gift a Crystal Forward this Christmas – Bring joy to a Beautiful Soul in need


Gifting Crystals to those who are in need of a little helping hand, is something that Mark has been committed to for many years. Mark is both proud and humbled to share that he is now receiving a large volume of messages daily from beautiful souls around the world, who would like to contribute to this offering and to donate/gift forward a crystal to a child or any person in need.

As Mark explains…
“We all experience life as the rollercoaster that it is; moments of happiness and sadness,  moments of good health and moments of sickness, moments of abundance and moments of financial strain. Gift a Crystal Forward is to bring light and hope to those who may be going through an immensely challenging and painful moment, struggling with life and may find it impossible to see a light at the end of the tunnel. In moments when we can feel the immense blessing to have health, happiness and enough for ourselves, is when we may wish to give back, to gift it forward to help our friends, family and a stranger… I often do this and with an open heart, with no other reason than to just give, never holding onto its value. Today I have created an idea – what if you feel like buying a crystal for a complete stranger?  A healing crystal that will be gifted forward to a child or young person, a mother or a grandmother, a father, brother,  someone who just needs a little helping hand, a little hope, something that lifts them out of the dark moment? This could be your way of becoming the healer.”

Thank you to those who have already expressed an interest in sharing Mark’s vision.
For those whom this gift idea resonates with,  then we welcome you in making a crystal purchase today and we promise to Gift It Forward and make someone’s day, week, month or even year. Together we can help to heal the world – one beautiful heart at a time!

Note: The Gift it Forward is currently running to end of December, 2021. Thank you!

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