Green Tourmaline in Quartz – High Quality, Divine Moment Collection


This stunning pure energy healing working Green Tourmaline crystal has worked alongside me and holds the memory to heal your emotions and bring you inner peace. Your psychic senses awaken and you become more aware of any underlying issues physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Once on or around you, your inner healing begins that activates throughout your whole system. This powerful crystal sends a high healing vibration wave that targets root causes, connecting you to the issue thus clearing away to create a pure clean body temple.  Your mind frees up from all the clutter, your heart clears from all heavy past emotions and your tummy clears from all emotional traumas from your past.
Green Tourmaline crystal will restore your balance and happiness and raises your energy to a new and higher vibration. This rare and beautiful crystal always brings in inner peace. Once around you your life improves and you will feel better each day.

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