Healing Messages From Spirit


The most powerful messages from Spirit

” Healing Messages from Spirit ” is a beautiful collection of divine messages connecting us to our greatest source of inner light, healing and strength. Mark Bajerski, author and International Spiritual Healer, has brought together this inspiring collection of ‘whispers’ from Spirit; whispers that are intended for each one of us. The messages contained on each card offers a simply formula for living a more rewarding and peaceful life, living it from the heart, the place where all of our healing begins. Through each message, Spirit invites you to connect more strongly to the power that you hold within, to the light you along bring to the world and which is so important you allow to shine. Each healing message from Spirit will provide guidance and often the answer this is needed, empowering you to live a beautiful life; one that is filled with love and gratitude. Enjoy your message from Spirit daily or whenever you are in need of guidance and Spirits’s love.

One deck includes 95 amazing and deeply powerful message cards.


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