Hold That Thought – Limited Special Offer


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A book of daily inspirations and messages received from Spirit to help and guide you on your amazing journey.

Are you open to receiving all the love that the Universe so freely intends for you? Do you limit yourself by a belief that you are powerless to change your life? Are you ready to rediscover your inner beauty and to share that beauty with the world?

Hold that Thought is an incredible collection of divine messages and truths that guide us to the greatest source of our inner light, healing, and strength. Mark Bajerski, author and international spiritual healer, beautifully shares these ‘whispers’ from Spirit, whispers that are intended for each one of us. Mark spent years of his life like so many others, ‘chasing his tail’, until a series of events helped him to slow down and to discover the secret to living a more joyful and peaceful life. For almost 10 years now, he has devoted his time to his healing and psychic practice, helping people move beyond painful issues in their lives and his work continues to bring incredible results for so many. Mark promotes and practices a very simple formula for living a rewarding and more peaceful life: Live from the heart – the place from where all of our healing begins.

In this powerful pocket-guide, Mark has brought together messages from Spirit inviting you, through each word, to connect more strongly to the power you hold within and to a light that you alone bring to the world – one that is so important you shine.

We are all miracles.

Hold that Thought and get ready to live your beautiful life filled with love and gratitude.

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