Inner Guidance Set – Tarot Cards, Awakening Oil, Awakening & Protection Incense Sticks


The Inner Guidance Set is a wonderful trio to work with to heighten spiritual awareness and be guided by the inner Self.  The Oil and Incense in this powerful set have been lovingly worked on by Mark Bajerski and work beautifully with the Tarot Cards.

This purchase includes:

  • 1 x Tarot Deck by Carl W Rohrig
  • 1 x Pure Energy Healing Awakening Oil (15ml)
  • 1 box x Awakening & Protection Incense Sticks

Further Product Information:

Awakening and Protection Incense Sticks: This amazing combination of the most powerful healing plants with pure Moldavite crystal, works purposely to cleanse a working space, in preparation for the most powerful, healing, high vibration energy. These incense sticks allow a Pure Energy Healer, energy practitioner, healer, crystal healer, yoga master, psychic, medium or anyone seeking to strengthen their spiritual and healing path, to easily work at the highest level of connection with source.

Awakening Oil (15ml)

Awakening Oil is a rare and special oil inspired by a powerful channelled message from Spirit.

This extraordinary oil is highly potent and should be used in small amounts. It can assist with connecting to your guides, seeing aura, heightening your connection to spirit, strengthening your pineal gland, heightening your mediumship, heightening your clairvoyance, strengthening your healing ability. This oil also helps you to awakening your intuitive and psychic awareness which in turns helps you see what is holding you back from your spiritual path, by recognising the signs given to you daily. This oil will keep you alert and aware for any situations that could cause you stress and unbalance. It brings instant powerful energy to help strengthen your spirit and elevate your vibration so you can feel more balanced and empowered, it is a powerful tool and protection for professionals who work with the public: healing practitioners, massage therapists, instructors, teachers. Awakening Oil is an immune system booster.

Place 3 drops onto your palm, rubbing your hands together and cupping them to inhale the beautiful and powerful aroma of the oil, then rubbing onto the crown chakra third eye, and temples and behind your ears, mix it with a non scented carrier oil for a powerful healing massage.

Please Note:

Grape Seed Oil is the base oil used in ALL  Spiritual Healing Oils. Awakening Oil contains Pine, Palo Santo, Sage, Frankincense. Click here for further information on Oil contents.

Tarot Cards by Carl-W. Rohrig

A powerful 78-card deck of Tarot Cards for you to work with beautifully illustrated by Carl-W. Rohrig. Mark Bajerski, one of the most sought-after readers globally, has worked with these cards for over 10 years. NOTE:  This set of cards is the Spanish version of Carl-W.Rohrig’s Tarot. The English version of this deck is extremely difficult to source and very costly. Some cards in the deck depict the beauty of the human body in the nude.

Additional Note: If you enrol on Mark’s 10 Hour Online Tarot Program, you will receive this deck of cards as a complimentary gift . Mark will take you on a journey of mystical deep understanding of how to read these cards on this online 10 hour program. The cards reveal the most powerful messages that you could ever imagine. Mark will cover each card in the deck so you will not need to worry that the version is in Spanish.

For information on the difference between Mark Bajerski’s Sacred Cleansing Negative Energy Sticks and his Awakening & Protection Incense Sticks – WATCH MARK’S YOUTUBE VIDEO 

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