Introduction to Flower Reading – Online Zoom Workshop Oct 3rd, 2021 @ 5.00pm Madrid, Spain time – Mark Bajerski

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A rare and wonderful opportunity to learn the ancient & powerful art of Flower Reading with internationally renowned Healer Mark Bajerski.
On this beautiful two-hour workshop, Mark will take you on a journey through 3 aspects of the Flower to discover and interpret its Spiritual signs and messages. Mark will dive deep into this ancient and divine practice to help share understanding of the art of reading any flower,  in a very simple yet effective way.

As Mark presents to us a variety of different flowers, he will guide us in how to attune to this magical, psychic experience and to read the signs through all aspects and energy of each flower. If this guidance feels right for you, then you are most welcome to join this very limited Flower Reading workshop on 3rd October @ 5pm, Madrid, Spain.

Please Note: As this event will be hosted by Mark via Zoom, we recommend that you please read additional information and instructions provided under Description below. Thank you!

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