Kakortokite – High Quality, Divine Moment Collection by Mark Bajerski


This stunning pure energy healing Kakortokite crystal has worked alongside me and now holds the healing memory to cleanse and clear toxins from within your physical body. This crystal heightens your spiritual awareness, strengthens your immune system and spiritual core. For use in deep meditation and healing from heavy thoughts, this crystal will eliminate dark energies.

Kakortokite crystal works on the heart both emotionally and physically. It helps teenagers throughout their puberty transition, and is also a powerful crystal for those who struggle to queiten the mind and who live in the fast lane of life.  A stone that supports all the chakras – though particularly powerful for working on the temples and heart – Kakortokite cleanses and clears heavy energies from other people and protects against your own negative thought patterns. Amazing crystal for nervous system damage. A powerful crystal for cleansing liver and kidney and amazing for loss of memory. A good crystal for those who suffer from dementia.

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