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This stunning pure energy healing working pendant has worked alongside me and holds the healing memory to strengthen your third eye, crown and heart chakras.

The energy of Pink Kunzite is very special; one where you feel protected and comforted. It is a definitely a crystal of peaceful flow.  Its power is beyond amazing and once around you, your intuitive side flows and your channelling becomes stronger each day. The psychic within blossoms and your life becomes a beautiful loving flow of spiritual and magical moments. This Crystal protects, heals and brings adventures into your new life path.

Pink Kunzite is a wonderful crystal to combine with Black Tourmaline if you are struggling with grief. Working on the heart and crown chakras it helps you to attune to the energy of your family or loved ones in Spirit and being open to receiving this energy and healing. Pink Kunzite will also support anyone who is moving to the light. Its energy supports a gentle and peaceful transition and connection to our beautiful Spirit world.
If you are a healer and offer distant healing, then Pink Kunzite is a great crystal to work with as you will feel very strong and very connected.

With its soothing energy, Pink Kunzite helps with sleep disorders and sleep deprivation.
An ideal crystal for teenagers who may be going through deep challenges and are struggling in life, suffering severe depression. Wearing this crystal works on raising the low vibration, creating a more positive flow of thoughts and feelings. Self-worth and loving one-self becomes a focus once more, as the heart, crown and third eye chakras are strengthened.
Wearing this Crystal will help you to feel calmer, stronger, protected and quite determined to conquer your mountain!

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