Labradorite (US Size: 6.5) – High Quality


This stunning Labradorite Healing Crystal has worked alongside me and holds the healing memory to help you to break free and to move on with your life.
Labradorite is a wonderful crystal for anyone who is feeling a little lost in life as it enhances the intuition and energy of ‘seeing’ all the magic that surrounds us daily.  It is a powerful crystal of protection and, once around you, you will feel the energy of protection that grounds and strengthens you and gives you a boost in self-confidence. This is a fantastic choice of Crystal to support communication in public speaking and sharing your truth.
Labradorite helps you to focus less on the dramas of life and keeps you away from others who try to pull you into their issues. You start to put your life and happiness first.
A wonderful crystal of choice for Healers due to its protective nature against negative and dark energies or if working in toxic, low vibration environments.
Labradorite is a calming, healing crystal that invokes a gentle connection to Spirit and the world of magic! As a gentle, balancing Crystal, it is ideal for people of any age to wear.
This crystal is a beautiful companion to those who walk their own path where, at times, you may feel alone or struggle with feeling ‘different’ to others. Labradorite will support you with any feelings of overwhelm and help you to see the signs from Spirit to keep you strong on your path. This crystal brings out your lion energy so that you can conquer your mountain.

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