Lapis Lazuli (US Size: 9) – High Quality


This stunning pure energy healing Lapis Lazuli Crystal has worked alongside me and now holds a healing memory to clear negative energies and blocks that often hold us back.

Once around you, your energy grows stronger each day and a deep calming feeling arises within you, allowing your heart to heal. New thoughts will appear and a new uplifting energy to fly free and to flow in a most magical way.

Lapis Lazuli holds deep healing for anxiety, frustration, anger and stress. It helps you to focus on you and making difficult decisions becomes a thing of the past. This Crystal calms the mind from overwhelming emotions and thoughts, and relieves fear of the ‘what if’s?’

Wearing or holding this Crystal for meditation, yoga, healing and simply being in stillness is the most powerful healing way to create a new ability to see clearly how to change your life from negative to positive for the days, weeks and years yet to come.

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