**Limited Offer** Personalised Crystal Attunement by Mark Bajerski – includes Express DHL Delivery**Purchase using this Link Only!**


In response to many requests received, Mark Bajerski is delighted to announce a
“Personalised Crystal Attunement”
for a limited time only.

How the “Personalised Crystal Attunement” Offer works:
After you purchase this Offer, Mark Bajerski, who has over 2 decades of experience working with thousands of Crystals daily – both personally and as a Healer – will attune to you/your energy to channel what he believes is the most ideal Crystal to assist you on your path at this moment in time.
Your channelled Crystal will be in pendant style and it will be to the value of £120gbp or above.
The Crystal selected personally for you by Mark may be from any of Mark’s Crystal Collections that you can view on Mark’s Store.
Every Crystal available on Mark’s Store has been personally worked on by Mark for many hours and Mark will place his love and greatest intention as he attunes to your energy to channel a Crystal that is right for you and your path at that given moment in time.

Whether you are entirely new to the world of Crystals or someone who has been working with Crystals and their energies for some time, it is Mark’s deepest wish that this opportunity will help each beautiful soul rediscover the inner love, joy and a peaceful flow to life that we all hold within.

To avail of this offer, simply select this product using “Add to Cart”.
Mark will channel your Crystal within 24hours of receiving your Order.
Our Office Team will then prepare your channelled Crystal with much love and care and it will be shipped to you via the Express DHL Delivery Service in order that you can receive and enjoy your Crystal within 7 working days (from date of shipment).
Please Note: (*if shipping destination is outside of the EU, shipping excludes any customs fees that may apply to your shipment)

Further note: The Crystals in the image are a selection of Crystals from Mark’s collection and the image is used for illustration purposes only. Your selected Crystal will be one from any of the Crystal Categories on Mark’s Store and will be in pendant style.

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