This stunning pure energy healing working pendant has worked alongside me and now holds the healing memory to reawaken your inner fire, your inner power and your awareness.

Once around you, your intuitive side flows and you will feel different sensations throughout your body. Your energy shifts and realigns to a high vibration, bringing in feelings of joy, happiness, clarity, rejuvenation and a new powerful energy throughout your day.

You feel confident about your future and goals, you feel a new sense of self-worth and you start to trust in your choices and dreams.

Lizardite helps with heart, chest and tummy issues and clears away fatigue.  This crystal also helps people with sad symptoms, depression, anxiety disorders, anger issues and anyone who struggles with constant mind chatter. It is wonderful for anyone stuck in difficult situations and anyone who believes their life can never change or move on.

This is one of the most powerful positive energy crystals. Positive outcomes become a reality.

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